Leisure cycling and e-bike trekking in South Tyrol

With a swing through the Vinschgau

Less effort while discovering more. Cycling to the most beautiful places in the area at your own pace. The leisurely cycling trails take you past countless monuments of historical and artistic importance, picturesque churches and impressive castle complexes. Accompanied by the sweet fragrance of the Mediterranean fauna, you head out over gentle vineyards from village to village.

Those hoping to expand their sphere of action will want to borrow one of the new e-trekking bikes.

E-bike trekking at the Preidlhof

  • Affordable rental of the latest e-bikes at the hotel
  • Guided e-bike tour through the most remarkable places in South Tyrol 1x a week
  • The Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures from the beginning of March
  • Video surveillance of the bike garage for your bike with charging capability
  • Rent a private bike – box (secured by alarm - free of charge)


Via Claudia Augusta - The only Emperor Road over the Alps

Cyclists will get to experience what is certainly one of the most diverse parts of the landscape at best downhill (for the most part) from Reschen to Merano. The cycle route winds around Lake Reschen and Lake Haider through meadows and forests to Burgeis passing the Marienberg Monastery and Fürstenburg Castle through the small villages of Schleis, Laatsch towards Glurns. It crosses the medieval town following the course of the Adige River up to the fishing lakes in the nature-protected river delta of the Stilfsbach, passing Prad and Tschengls until reaching the marble village of Laas.

A nice section takes cyclists from Laas to Göflan and continuing on to Goldrain and Latsch. The meadows, which were covered in flowers, have now bowed down to the carefully cultivated apple orchards, Vinschgau wine grows on the sunny slopes from Schlanders. We pass Kastelbell, Tschars, Staben and Naturns without considerable efforts and reach the end of the Vinschgau cycle path at the Töll at 400 m.

You do not have to think too much about the return on the "Via Claudia Augusta": you can make the journey home without any problems using the Vinschgerbahn cableway.

Numerous attractions, cultural sites, barbecue areas and rest points to refresh yourself can be found along the cycle route.

Resia / Reschen

After crossing the border, touring cyclists reach South Tyrol and then Lake Reschen on the Via Claudia Augusta shortly thereafter. There are wonderful views of the surrounding mountain landscape and the lake itself while cycling along it: that is to say that a church tower stands in the middle. The village of Reschen was flooded in the middle of the 20th century to make space for a reservoir.

Malles / Mals

You then continue towards Mals, the capital of the Upper Vinschgau. This location was an important stopping point on the Via Claudia Augusta as far back as the Roman era. The town boasts many small towers and bell towers, with the Church of St. Michael, hosting frescoes from the 16th century, and the Church of St. Benedikt from the 9th century. The most significant portfolio of Carolingian paintings can be seen there.

Glorenza / Glurns

The cycle tour continues on in the direction of Glurns. Glurns is the smallest town in Italy and has retained its medieval appearance for centuries now. Low arcades, thick town walls and beautiful alleyways and the surrounding alpine landscapes make this place absolutely worth a visit.

Sluderno / Schluderns

Schluderns presents itself as no less mediaeval and the Churburg Castle seems as if it's watching over the Vinschgau. This castle features a comprehensive collection of armoury equipment and weapons. The Parish Church of St. Katherina is also worth seeing: the holy statues exhibited there have been erected with skeletons found in Roman catacombs and are adorned in knightly garb and trappings. Macabre but fascinating

Castelbello-Ciardes / Kastelbell-Tschars

Cyclists will also encounter many fortifications and castles, such as Kastelbell Castle, on the route from Schluderns to Kastelbell-Tschars. The remarkable Via Claudia Augusta permanent exhibition can be found there. Juval Castle projects out to the left a little later on. The castle belongs to the extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner, who showcases his collections on the subject of high mountains and Tibet.

The Via Claudia Augusta continues into the Merano region after Kastelbell-Tschars.

Naturno / Naturns

Mountain bikers reach the small town of Naturns as the first stage in the Merano region and surroundings. The Church of St. Prokulus is an absolute must-see for those cyclists who are interested in culture - it boasts a beautiful cycle of frescoes from the 15th century and one from the 8th century.

Parcines / Partschins

Cyclists will be able to carry on leisurely to Partschins, the centre of South Tyrolean fruit cultivation. In addition to the colourful landscape, a visit to the typewriter museum is also captivating. The museum is dedicated to the inventor of the typewriter Peter Mitterhofer and is home to all kinds of "writing machines" from the most primitive typewriters up to the modern PC.

Merano / Meran

Pedal pushers can then recover from the all the exertions from the previous tour in Merano. New thermal baths and the thermal park, coupled with many exquisite wellness hotels, entice guests to revitalise both body and mind. Cyclists can get to know Merano from its most beautiful side on the many promenades, in the arcaded streets and in the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff.

You can continue by bike or on one of the regional trains towards Bozen and into the south of South Tyrol. The most beautiful attractions on the Via Claudia Augusta can be experienced in the south of South Tyrol.



Our specials for leisure cyclists:

  • an affordable bike shuttle will take you and your bike to the Reschen Pass as a starting point for a leisurely panoramic tour downhill along the cycle track several times a week,
  • twice a week return bike shuttle from Merano / Meran.

Free rental of trekking bikes at the hotel
Naturno / Naturns is situated directly on the "Via Claudia Augusta" cycle trail (Danube to Venice), which runs through the entire Adige / Etsch Valley
Two guided leisure tours per week through the Vinschgau and the Merano region
Cycling maps in your room
Many well described touring tips
Preidlhof APP with many tour tips for convenient GPS navigation with your smartphone


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