Merano high mountain trail

Almost the entire nature park is surrounded by the famous Merano high mountain trail. This unique panoramic trail takes you from 1,200 m to 2,900 m, circling the nature park.

You will experience pure nature covering a length of over 100 km. The high alpine trail can be reached by road and cableway systems in many places and is therefore also ideal for day hikes.

Around 5 to 6 days of hiking is required for the total route. The hiking trail leads past a large number of year-round alpine farmsteads, which offer the perfect chance to recharge your batteries. Hikers are rewarded with amazing views overlooking the valleys of the Merano region covering most of the routes taken. The southern Merano high mountain trail between Katharinaberg in Val Senales and Hochmut via Merano is already free of snow in the early spring.

Our favourite hike: the southern Merano high mountain trail

From Katharinaberg (1,245 m) to Unterstell (1,300 m) on the southern side of the Texel Group Nature Park

Light high alpine hike in the nature park with special flora, passing typical mountain farmsteads.

Course of the trail:
You take the public bus into Val Senales up to the mountain village of Katharinaberg.
25-minute journey uphill until reaching the Merano high mountain trail. Now you find yourselve in the Texel Group Nature Park. The trail is relatively light as it ascends up and down, passing a variety of year-round alpine farmsteads: the Unter-Perfl, Wand, Kopfron and Waldhof. There you could enjoy your lunch on a beautiful meadow. Then you move on refreshed. We soon reach the Innerunterstellhof with magnificent views over the Vinschgau and of Juval Castle. The high mountain trail now continues on to the Linthof. You can stop off at most of the farmsteads and revitalise yourself with food and drink.

You leave the high mountain trail at the Linthof and head downhill to take the Unterstell cableway into the valley. It is only a 7-minute walk back to the Preidlhof from the valley station of the cableway.

Height difference in the ascent: 200 m
Pure walking time: approx. 3 ½ hours

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