Nordic walking in South Tyrol

Fitness at every turn - Nordic walking at the Preidlhof

Do you want to get your body into shape – but haven't quite discovered the right type of sport for you yet? Nordic Walking is an appealing invitation to get to know more about the Vinschgau Nature in a relaxed, yet active way. Nordic Walking has evolved from being a trend sport into a healthy mainstay, with which 95 percent of all the body's muscles are trained. And thus "in passing" almost 40 percent more calories are burned than when walking or running. 

Our Nordic walking tour plan

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Frau beim Nordic Walking

Ideal also as preparatory or supplementary training for competitive athletes and those who are ambitious.

Set your own tempo:
a brisk walk will take us past beautiful vineyards and picturesque gardens, through lush forests and crossing sunny meadows. A beautiful sport that encourages fitness. Stress is relieved by training in the aerobic pulse area and revitalising effects activated – an increased level of fat burning is also encouraged. The joints are relieved and the cardiovascular system, muscle strength, mobility and general feeling in the body are significantly increased. The best feature: Nordic walking is ideal for those with knee, hip or back problems. Our Nordic walking trainer Martina will show you how to do it right.

One technique - numerous benefits

Nordic walking is versatile - it trains the same regions in the upper body as the popular sport of cross-country skiing, in the lower regions the same as walking or in the sporty version - jogging. The forward motion is generated by arm movements, similar to that of hiking with poles. However, Nordic walking poles with patented loop systems differ from conventional poles: they facilitate a rhythmic opening and closing of the hand without losing the stick. A Nordic walking session generates several thousand pumping movements in the arm muscles and in doing so, perfectly trains the arms, shoulder girdle and upper body muscles without imparting too much stress. 

The Preidlhof: your Nordic walking professional in Naturno / Naturns.

There is a very special range of equipment for Nordic walking enthusiasts at the Hotel Preidlhof, such as original carbon poles and pulse-frequency watches for rental, as well as weekly training sessions for beginners with a two-kilometre UKK walking-fitness test, Nordic walking tours and Nordic hiking. In addition: our fitness trainer is a certified Nordic walking instructor.

Nordic walking course:

Over 65 kilometres of optimally signposted routes covering three levels of difficulties take Nordic walkers on ten trails right into the impressive natural paradise between 554 and 1,700 metres above sea level, while gently training 95 percent of all muscles. It is best to start right by the Hotel Preidlhof at 554 metres or near the Unterstell cableway at 1,300 metres. 

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