Pillows à la carte – the Preidlhof pillow menu

An exclusive selection of pillows – only in the Dolce Vita Hotels in South Tyrol

Sleep à la carte in the DolceVita Hotels. Our Preidlhof pillow menu not only offers you a sound sleep, but also the right pillow for you.
Select between twelve different relaxation and wellness pillows:

Relaxation pillow

(Sheep wool, nettle, rose petals, chamomile, lavender and hops)

Love pillow

(Horsehair, nettle seed, fennel, rose petals and musk flower)

Mediterranean pillow

(Kapok, lavender, rosemary, thyme, lemon grass and orange blossoms)

Spelt crescent-shaped cushion

(Spelt chaff)

Spelt neck rest


Cherry stone pillow

(Cherry stone)

Energetic pillow

(Spelt, millet husks, buckwheat's husk, oat straw, horsetail and peppermint)

Buckwheat vein pillow


Unwinding pillow

(Millet husks, balm, hop cones, lavender and valerian)

Herbal sleep pillow

(Spelt, balm, hops, lavender and St. John's wort)

Grape seed pillow

(Grape seed)

Best pillow

(Synthetic cold foam polyurethane)

Tempur pillow


Wellness pad

... for your all-round well-being & a restful healthy sleep.

The peat pad

Strengthens the immune system and stimulates the body's self-healing powers, revitalises and has a therapeutic effect on chronic inflammatory diseases. Patchouli has been used for its aphrodisiac effect since the 19th century.

The willow bark pad

Acts as a natural aspirin, is good for the joints and helps with inflammation and headaches. Your general vitality regenerates. The scent of vanilla is relaxing and harmonising, cedar fragrances deepen the breathing and help relieve stress. 

The woollen/pine pad

Calms and strengthens the heart and provides a significantly better quality of sleep. Wool has a natural thermo-regulation capability and relays moisture much faster than other materials. 

The yak's hair/musk pad

It is cosy but at the same time very light and acclimatising. Musk, which has been known since ancient times, helps combat all kinds of ailments and is also considered an aphrodisiac. 


As a sleep fit de luxe resort, we offer in addition:

  • Car-free, very quiet location surrounded by vineyards
  • Different bed systems depending on the room category.
  • Innovative SoundLife Sleep System to hire
  • Single rooms with innovative Samina Gravity System
  • Relaxation hamper with different sleeping aids – just order at reception
  • The Wi-Fi antennas stay off at nights
  • On request – the "Good night service" with affectionate extra bedding and fresh air kick, sleep well fragrance and sleep well goodie

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Last Minute packages
DolceVita & cuddling in autumn
7 Nights
From € 1183
from 10.10.2020 until 22.11.2020
Cuddly wellness autumn. Finally, it’s time for love, in addition, wellness and relaxation paired with Dolce Vita feeling and endless cuddling!
Golden South Tyrolean autumn
7 Nights
From € 1470
from 05.09.2020 until 26.09.2020
The most beautiful season in South Tyrol, pleasantly mild climate, lush vineyards and mature orchards invite you to excursions and our huge pool area...
5 Nights
From € 800
from 31.01.2020 until 27.03.2020
Sunday to Friday! 150€ wellness voucher and premium SPA of 5000qm included
Romeo & Julia
4 Nights
From € 640
from 31.01.2020 until 27.03.2020
Sunday to Thursday! Package "I love you" and 70€ wellness voucher included
Time for love
3 Nights
From € 480
from 31.01.2020 until 27.03.2020
Arrival on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday! Welcome Prosecco Rosé and 50€ wellness voucher included
Love Time Weekend for 2
2 Nights
From € 397
from 31.01.2020 until 27.03.2020
Friday to Sunday! Package "I love you" included
Romantic Weekend
3 Nights
From € 532
from 31.01.2020 until 27.03.2020
Thursday to Sunday! Including delicious chocolate fruits 
Easter time - spring time
7 Nights
From € 1393
from 08.04.2020 until 17.04.2020
Adults only also in the holiday season!  Dreamlike days with beautiful spring weather. Enjoy the sun in the Mediterranean park under olive trees with...
Summer, sun & DolceVita – Mid Summer Break 2020
7 Nights
From € 1323
from 27.06.2020 until 25.07.2020
EARLY BIRD BONUS UNTIL 29.02.2020! At Hotel Preidlhof you will find one of the largest pool landscapes of South Tyrol with a Mediterranean park,...
DolceVita Sauna around week
7 Nights
From € 1183
from 29.03.2020 until 05.04.2020
from 11.10.2020 until 18.10.2020
A special week for sauna enthusiasts!Enjoy your sauna experience with different show infusions, internationally certified sauna attendants and a great...
DolceVita & cuddling in spring
6 Nights
From € 960
from 21.03.2020 until 08.04.2020
Time for love, wellness at its best, paired with Dolce Vita, XXL SPA opening hours advantageous Naturno Greencard included! 
Daffodils week
7 Nights
From € 1183
from 28.03.2020 until 04.04.2020
The South Tyrolean three thousand metre peaks still wear white snow caps, but in the valley the daffodils are already in bloom - the first heralds of...
Join us dancing in May
7 Nights
From € 1323
from 02.05.2020 until 30.05.2020
Dancing – a form of expression
DolceVita & cuddling in autumn
7 Nights
From € 1183
from 10.10.2020 until 22.11.2020
Cuddly wellness autumn. Finally, it’s time for love, in addition, wellness and relaxation paired with Dolce Vita feeling and endless cuddling!
Summer, Pools & DolceVita
4 Nights
From € 880
from 25.07.2020 until 29.08.2020
At Hotel Preidlhof you will find one of the largest pool landscapes of South Tyrol with a Mediterranean park, romantic corners and 6 pools. Unlimited...
Sauna Experience
6 Nights
From € 960
from 21.03.2020 until 28.03.2020
from 17.10.2020 until 24.10.2020
from 14.11.2020 until 21.11.2020
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