Balancing hedonic & eudaimonic wellbeing

Preidlhof Luxury DolceVita Resort

A new way of understanding time - adults only

Balancing hedonic & eudaimonic wellbeing join us on a journey...


Surrounded by nature, in search of an inner peace, we balance zest and serenity – the hedonic side, the lover of beauty and life with the eudaemonic, an understanding of the deep contentment that comes from a renewed approach to living, all in a blessed location emanating the positive power of Mother Earth.

Hospitality, wellbeing and life quality meet at the Preidlhof, to give free time a new meaning. For those who regard a holiday not only as a break and a recreation, but also as an opportunity to regenerate and discover their own senses, for a renewed balance of pleasures and emotions.
As of February 2020, Preidlhof is proud to be the First Spa and Wellness Property in the World to be Awarded ISO 17679 Hotel Wellness & Spa certification. Wellness area of 5.000 sqm, six-floor Sauna Tower and a suggestive natural setting.

Rooms and Suites

The luxury of sleep for your well-being.

The luxury of sleep for your well-being

Our rooms and suites are designed to reconcile time and emotions. The hotel overlooks vineyards and apple orchards, surrounded by silence and nature. An ideal context to recover energy and focus on your desires.

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Transformational Wellness

The opportunity to rediscover yourself

A new approach to vacation, in which staying in hotel becomes an occasion for personal regeneration. Thank to the Spa Designer Patrizia Bortolin’s intervention, we thought of a new level of experience to reconcile the sense with the spirit. Eight programs for contemporary wellness seekers, experiential travellers and people open to change, expand, and flourish. Transformation can only arise from within, and is facilitated by meeting with special people, experiencing intuitive, enlightened techniques while experiencing new places and discovering new things. Stimulating and moving, this journey engages and inspires all levels of awareness: physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The Preidlhof offers a holistic method that embraces mind and body to find positive energy during a stay of maximum comfort and includes a new approach to diet: Mindful Eating.

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