Aesthetic medicine & plastic surgery

University lecturer Dr Alexander Gardetto is a medical specialist for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, specialising in hand surgery. With his international training with the most prestigious plastic surgeons and his long experience in reconstructive surgery, he ensures the highest medical standards of quality.  

Ageing well instead of anti-ageing

Ageing is part of life. Some people age earlier due to the circumstances of their life and their genetic disposition, while others are lucky enough to look young for longer. The focus is not on youthfulness but instead on the aspiration to retain individual beauty at every age.

The duration of the applications and the definitive  final price will depend on your individual needs. We are always up to date with the latest advances and continue to evolve our treatments on a daily basis. You can find out about our latest methods and current trends on our websites or Everything starts with your own personal and individual consultation.

Aesthetic medicine & plastic surgery

Aesthetic medicine treatment portfolio

Facial wrinkle treatment with Botox & hyaluronic acid: from € 450.00

Treatment of hyperhidrosis with Botox: from € 850.00

Eradication of spider veins on the legs: from € 300.00

Plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery under local anaesthesia

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty): from € 2,800.00

Lip modelling with fat cell transplantation (lipofilling): from € 600.00

Correction of volume loss in the face with fat cell transplantation (lipofilling): from € 1,500.00

Removal of birthmarks: from € 200.00

Removal of benign and malignant skin and soft tissue tumours: from € 550.00

Scar corrections (excision, cortisone, ointments, compression patches): from € 250.00

Surgery on the hand

Treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture (Xiapex): from € 3,000.00

Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome: from € 2,200.00

Removal of tendon sheath and wrist ganglion cysts: from € 1,600.00

Treatment of trigger finger: surgery to the first annular pulley: from € 1,500.00

Correction of diseases of the  ngernail: from € 2,400.00

and much more

Treatment of migraines

from € 500.00

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