be attractive

Sun, wind and weather: Our skin has to put up with a lot. It protects us and is at the same time a highly sensitive sensory organ. Give your skin the care it deserves for a vital and radiant complexion. We offer you state-of-the-art medical cosmetics – so that you can experience the attractiveness of newly gained freshness and elasticity.

be attractive

Sonne, Wind und Wetter: Unsere Haut macht so einiges mit. Sie schützt uns und ist zugleich ein hochsensibles Sinnesorgan. Geben Sie Ihrer Haut die Pflege, die sie verdient, für einen vitalen und strahlenden Teint. Wir bieten Ihnen medizinische Kosmetik auf dem neuesten Stand – erleben Sie die Attraktivität neu gewonnener Frische und Spannkraft.

Fuhlendorf system for the perfect facial

With the help of microdermabrasion (DERMA- SONIC) excess hardened skin is removed; the suction wave massage (VACUTRONIC)  firms and purifies the skin at the same time. With the subsequent micro-massage with ultrasound (SUPER- SONIC), the individual active ingredient gels penetrate deep into the tissues. Look forward to a result that is both palpable and visible.

approx. 80 min. – € 148.00

Fuhlendorf compact – immediate effect for problem skin

DERMASONIC technology guarantees an immediate effect, especially in the case of wrinkles and acne, impure or scarred skin. The active ingredients are given additional momentum by the SUPERSONIC treatment.

approx. 50 min. – € 95.00

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