be healthy

It is our view that holistic health covers all aspects of physical, mental and social well-being: Healing means becoming whole in the totality of our being. Learn how to fulfill your personal potential and unlock your full range of capabilities through approaches both new and rediscovered.

be healthy

Ganzheitliche Gesundheit umfasst unserem Verständnis nach alle Aspekte des körperlichen, geistigen und sozialen Wohlergehens: Heilung meint heil werden, in der Ganzheit unseres Daseins. Erfahren Sie die Entfaltung Ihres persönlichen Potenzials und erleben Sie neue und wiederentdeckte Zugänge zu Ihrer Leistungsfähigkeit.

Lymphatic drainage

Refers to a gentle detoxification method which stimulates lymph flow by means of pumping, circular and rhythmic massage and strokes to strengthen the immune system.

approx. 50 min. – € 68.00

PREIDL lift-up

The spine is lifted to target any muscular tensions and blockages in the spinal column that are unique to you. The aim of the treatment is to take the pressure off the intervertebral discs and to promote the supply of the organs, starting from a diagnosis of the spinal column via the foot reflex zones and moving on to a general mobilisation of the joints with special stretches and massages of the back and pelvic muscles.

approx. 75 min. – € 111.00

Vitality massage

This invigorating back and neck massage with combined foot reflex zone massage relaxes tense muscles in the upper back area. This deeply effective treatment is ideal preparation for all spinal-column-related treatments (Dorn & Breuss, chiropractic, PREIDL lift-up).

approx. 50 min. – € 68.00


The main acupuncture points are located on the 12 main meridians. Acupressure is thus a form of Meridian therapy, in which pressure is applied to the points to stimulate the flow of energy and resolve blockages. The unrestricted flow of your energy leads to enhanced well-being and better health.

approx. 25 min. – € 87.00


Acupuncture is an ancient and widely used healing method from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and is divided into body and skull acupuncture. At the heart of the practice are the stimulation and sustained strengthening of the life force (energy balance) as well as the harmonisation of respiration, digestion, body defences, sleep and the psyche. Acupuncture leads to impressive effects in the case of acute and chronic pain conditions: “If you are healthy, your life energy flows in harmony, and your organs function strongly and smoothly.”

approx. 25 min. – € 87.00


Infusions are the fastest and most e ective way of supplying nutrients to the body in a short time, directly and without any loss. Infusions are particularly suitable for revitalisation, de-acidification and detoxification.

Infusion as a PROPHYLAXIS 

  • to maintain your vitality
  • stabilisation of health
  • prevention of premature ageing infusion as a THERAPY

To compensate for

  • deficiency symptoms
  • physical exhaustion
  • depressed moods
  • burn-out
  • chronic conditions

The price depends on the ingredients € 90.00 – € 170.00

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