be positive

Our quality of life is significantly affected by our mental and emotional well-being. Practising the cultivation of a positive attitude makes it easier for you to deal positively with private and professional issues and helps you to achieve your personal goals. Benefit from our resource-oriented advice and discover the effective power of confidence.

be positive



Stress yourself healthy! Consultation with Dr Elmar Teutsch

Prevent stress, reduce stress, mobilise your own resources: In a con dential context, discover e ective strategies to help you deal with challenging situations. Get to the bottom of the causes and effects of your stress factors and find out how you can use your own skills and potentials to mobilise your energy and enhance your well-being – for more serenity and satisfaction in your life.

as of 50 min. – as of € 201,00

Couples consultation with Dr Elmar Teutsch

Time for Two: When you are on holiday, the emphasis is more on being together – reason enough to take a clarifying look at your relationship in the company of a skilled couples therapist. Re-establish a coherent balance between autonomy and intimacy as you rediscover the path to a joyful and fulfilling relationship.

as of 50 min. – as of € 214.00

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