Body and mind in perfect harmony

Total regeneration program based on the recent discoveries of neuroscience, on ancient practices, on the new approach to movement, wrapped in South Tyrolean wisdom and years of research in the field of wellness.

An experience that can be modulated according to your needs and interests that can guide you towards different results:general improvement of physical fitness (circulation, tone, power, ability to recover, improvement of sleep),increased energy and reduced stress, re-modeling of the silhouette, experience of healing and recovery of strength, reconnect with yourself and the rhythm of nature, recovery of self-confidence and the surrounding environment, significant improvement of mood and attitude towards life



Two parallel activity schedules are included offering a powerful sinergy of classes to choose from:


Special classes

yoga nidra, mindfulness, healthy food approach experiences, dance therapy, forest bathing, barefoot meditation, sensory experiences, laughter yoga, dao yin yoga, sound healing, purification rituals with alpine herbs. The coaches of these experiences are experts in wellness, health, self-improvement, meditation, mindful eating, physical therapies and much more.

Fitness classes

barefoot trining, fascia release, strong back, functional fit, climb wall, yoga, pilates. The main coaches of this classes are Martina, long course Yoga Expert, Melanie the Barefoot Trainer & Holistic Coach, Micaela the High intensity & contemporary Fitness Trainer. The spectacular 6 floor Sauna Tower is a world apart where main natural, healthy remedies can be experienced and enjoyed like thematic saunas, Turkish bath, meditation areas, relaxation areas, and where the Champions of Aufguss, Michael and Micaela guides into the true art of Sauna.




Measurement of cardiac variation with Dr Angerer, a real possibility to read through a monitor our real ability to regenerate ourselves, the quality of sleep, the energy level of the various organs, the moment in which it is more appropriate for us to play sports, to rest or work. During the session, Mr Anger has the opportunity to suggest the best natural supplements. In-depth measurements of body composition using latest generation instruments will be taken to customize the program and to discover your biological age, but also to monitor the effects of lifestyle on our body. The 7-day Retreat included the in depth sleep track for the whole stay through a comfortable wearable tool directly connected with a Lab where Sleep Experts will evaluate the results and share the feedbacks.


Preidlhof method includes unpublished experiences connected with the most contemporary approaches to food, whether this is a problem or not. The focus is on knowing oneself, the various types of hunger, the quality of the senses, the connection with the body and the relationship with food and the outside world. The special classes include several fun, surprising encounters, developed by combining mindful eating techniques with experiences of sensory well-being and profound transformation, all rigorously with scientific bases but offered with a playful Mediterranean touch.


Start the day with waking up best suited to your circadian rhythm and find out if you feel better with an energetic awakening or with a slower movement, choose one a day to find out the effects on your day (or experience both):

8.00 - 8.20 slow awakening- owl

8.20 to 8:40 active awakening lark

9.00 - 10.45 (Tuesday-Saturday) daily walk to Monte Sole, around our location, with different levels of commitment according to the day: speed, mode, attention change. Important and daily appointment with nature and with Melanie expert in Barefoot Training which always includes a small experiential part of barefoot training, one of the most interesting trends of the holistic movement.

9.00 - 11.00 The trainers preside over the Active Counter to provide you with personalized indications on the possible paths and sport excursions, to deliver mountain bikes and many other precious personalization of your holiday

11.00 - 14.00 Choose among the holistic Special classes scheduled for the day: yoga nidra, mindful eating, walking meditation Preidlhof lunch consists of a colorful buffet full of vegetarian, fresh, vegan corners, Italian recipes and small delights all carefully prepared in a relaxed, bright and informal setting

15.00 - 18.00 Choose the special classes you prefer, follow the program provided in the Sauna Tower or book a treatment in line with your goal


  • 4 Special classes forfait-Pass
  • 1 Haert Raete Variability
  • 1 Body measurement and report



492 €+ stay


  • 5 Special classes forfait-Pass
  • 1 Haert Raete Variability
  • 1 Body measurement and report



534 €+ stay


  • 6 Special classes forfait-Pass
  • 1 Haert Raete Variability
  • 1 Body measurement and report



576 €+ stay


  • 7 Special classes forfait -Pass
  • 1 Heart Rate Variability
  • 1 Body measurement report
  • 7 day- Sleep track and report



668 € + stay
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