Wine-growing tradition

The luscious vineyards and exquisite wines of Preidlhof

The sunny slopes right behind the luxury spa resort are perfectly suited to cultivate the best grapes for exquisite wines. Each grape variety has its very own character and requires special care. Trollinger, or Vernatsch as it is called in South Tyrol, is an Italian type of red wine which has moderate acidity and tends to produce fruity wines reminiscent of cherry and bitter almond. With its light and dry characteristics it perfectly complements the flavours of Pinot noir grapes in our homemade Urscheler. This makes the ideal accompaniment to your seven-course dinner of choice.





Not only does wine make any dinner experience complete, but it is also inextricably linked to the Italian culture and history. The wine cellar of the Preidlhof property holds an exquisite selection of fine wines to make any occasion special. Indulge in the best wines of the region in the captivating ambience of our enoteca, or during one of the wine tastings regularly hosted by our sommelier. The enoteca is open daily and also offers high-end wines, such as our Urscheler, for sale.