Our Hotel Preidlhof Eco-Friendly Seal of Approval

For the love of nature

We care about the environment. Sustainability is therefore one of the core principles of our work. Our endeavours to protect the environment and contribute to the conservation of resources have also been certified by the Eco-Friendly Seal of Approval of South Tyrol:

  • We produce energy by a highly efficient combined heat and power unit. The residual energy required by the system comes from sustainable hydropower stations.
  • We use energy saving lamps wherever possible.
  • We heat our indoor pool and produce hot water by solar energy.
  • We have installed water-flow regulators and water-saving devices in our toilet cisterns throughout the hotel.
  • We separate our waste into compostable organic mass, paper, glass, metal, plastics, hazardous waste.
  • We use reusable packaging and abstain from using unnecessary small packaging.
  • We are committed to sourcing as many ingredients and products as possible from local suppliers and use ingredients from our own produce wherever possible.
  • We do not use any flavour enhancers except for natural herbs, spices and oils.
  • We carefully choose mild detergents for use throughout the hotel.
  • We use natural fragrance oils instead of chemical air fresheners.
  • We make our own cosmetics exclusively from organic ingredients and locally grown herbs.
  • We leave it to our guests to decide when they need fresh towels instead of changing them automatically every day.
  • We are a non-smoking hotel.
  • We offer bikes and e-bikes to rent at our hotel.
  • We provide free shuttle service to the train station.

Every day, consciously or unconsciously, everyone leaves their own personal carbon footprint. Together with children and the Billion Tree Campaign, we plant trees to bind CO² emissions. One of the most effective and easiest methods for a better future. Help us!

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