Reinhold Messner.

One man. One myth. One mission.

A life lived on the limit has turned Messner into an idol among the younger Alpinist generations. His journeys have brought him face to face with countless mountains and deserts, all 14 of the eight-thousanders on this planet and into the eternal ice of Greenland. He has just the one mission today: to maintain our nature and preserve our traditions.

Reinhold Messer is unique on the mountaineering scene. He has undertaken more than 100 journeys into the mountains and deserts our planet has to offer since 1969, conquered all 14 of the eight-thousanders and even crossed Greenland. The way Reinhold Messner lives his life to the fullest is virtually incomparable and he has inspired an audience of millions with his books and lectures. Messner has remained true to his home of South Tyrol and lives and works in Juval Castle above Naturno / Naturns, which is often referred to by the locals as the "adventure hill", since there is plenty to see here: farmsteads, inns and vineyards. Everything in harmony with nature, since this is exactly what Reinhold Messner considers is important in South Tyrol.

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