The Sauna Tower

Wellness above the clouds

Hot steam and herbal fragrances draw guests into the world of relaxation at our six-floor Sauna Tower. The soft, warmth and clean air from its steamy attractions provide immediate relief, as our certified sauna experts skilfully pour fresh water infused with natural herbs and essences over the hot rocks of the saunas. Surrender your senses and discover a spa experience redefined by the Preidlhof luxury spa in Italy.

Our luxury spa in Italy is open daily between 11 am and 11 pm. Special herbal mixtures provide a healing steam experience three to four times a day. Several times a week, we invite you to join us for some light activity to enhance your sense of wellbeing even further. A sauna night is hosted once a week.

Relax room

Preidlhofadults only

Sauna Wonder World

Enjoy seven different saunas with magnificent panoramic views over the surrounding mountains in our fabulous Sauna Tower.

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Wonder World

Hover above the gardens and let your eyes wander. Enjoy the breathtaking views - here at the Preidlhof in Naturno / Naturns.

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experience with professional care

Saunas are fountains of youth for your health - under the professional guidance of our sauna master.

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