Cosmetic treatments for men

The Preidlhof treatments for men

Our experts know how to treat men too: modern beauty care with high-quality ingredients. The "For men" line provides advanced professional treatment to combat the signs of skin exhaustion. Imparts energy, combats dryness, wrinkle formation and any signs of premature ageing.

All our facial treatments include cleansing, exfoliation, active substance ampoule, massage, mask and day care.


Kick of freshness for men

A refreshing experience. The skin is intensively moisturised and soothed by a relaxing massagewith the aloe vera fresh plant leaf after a short cleansing session. Quickly refresh yourself.

approx. 25 minutes: € 45.00

Nature energy for men

This energy-boosting treatment for the face, head, shoulders and neck relieves tension andstress. The deep relaxation is followed by a power boost with effective serum. Perfectly groomed.

approx. 50 minutes: € 81.00

Power cure for men

A comprehensive treatment for the face, head, shoulder and neck with additional back massageand stretching of the calves and feet. Deep relaxation and new energy from head to toe.

approx. 80 minutes: € 108.00

Manicure for men

Nail & nail bed care. For an impressive handshake.

approx. 25 minutes: € 29,00

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