Our massages in South Tyrol

From therapeutic to relaxing

A massage is a wellness experience, which does you some lasting good. Muscles and fascias are expertly loosened, blockages are gently relieved and the energy flow simulated.
Our massages in South Tyrol combine the best techniques from East and West. Rediscover classic massages and get acquainted with techniques from around the world.

Our insider tip:

Enjoy our special massages outdoors!
We would be delighted to pamper you on the panoramic roof above the Mediterranean water world with a classic massage or aromatic massage alone or together. We also offer you exclusive massages for even more sensual relaxation, such as our Alpine rose bundle massages – for naturally beautiful skin. Or immerse yourself into our diverse world of physical therapies with a manual lymph drainage, which decongests and imparts a feeling of well-being, for your own personal health-plus plan. Special massage techniques, effective interpretations of Far Eastern healing arts combined with meridian science, such as Shiatsu, Tuina and Thai Yoga Massage. These treatments help activate the body's self-healing powers and have a lasting effect on back problems and other discomforts.

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