Signature Treatments

Exclusive massage experiences at the Preidlhof

Your well-being is our main aim. And this is why only the best is good enough here at the Preidlhof. Highly trained therapists, innovative methods and outstanding products are a matter of course in our spa hotel in South Tyrol. The excellent qualities of our hotel are further emphasised with the Preidlhof Signature Treatments – exclusive massages for an exceptional experience of well-being.

PREIDL Free your mind

A very special massage that allows your thoughts to drift away and the energy to flow. Acupressure points on the head, neck, face and arms are specifically stimulated, strokes and stretches release muscle tensions and harmonise the mind. Be at one with yourself. 

50 minutes: € 77.00 per person.

PREIDL Harmony - Welch precious stone massage®

This flowing dance of warm hands and special gemstones induces deep relaxation, a deep regeneration of the body as well as a strengthening of your immune system. The most effective methods from all around the world, combined with warm, precious oils, gently relieve muscular tension throughout the body as well as on the head and face. Simply let yourself go.

75 minutes: € 109.00 per person.

PREIDL Lift up

Your muscle tensions and spinal blockages are treated individually and attentively. The aim of the treatment is to relieve the pressure on the intervertebral discs and to improve the supply to the organs. This is achieved through the foot reflex zones and their gentle mobilisation, as well as special stretching and massaging of the spinal column. Deep alignment.

approx. 75 minutes: € 111.00

Further treatments approx. 50 minutes: € 77.00

PREIDL Individual

Reserve some time for yourself and determine the aim, intensity and focus of your treatment withyour therapist during your appointment. Especially suitable for guests who would like to benefitfrom a healthy and holistic approach. Experience individual mindfulness.

Approx. 50 minutes: € 77.00

Approx. 75 minutes: € 111.00

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