Alpine wellness at the Preidlhof

The natural goodness of South Tyrol for your beauty and well-being

All the wonders of the region at your disposal. The alpine nature of South Tyrol offers so much for our well-being. Selected essences, high-quality textures and exquisite ingredients all contribute to natural alpine wellness at the Preidlhof. A new, sustainable concept for well-being is created with organically certified products and the wealth of expertise from previous generations.

BERG organic cosmetics

Discover our exclusive alpine spa treatments with BERG organic cosmetics. BERG wellness care is guaranteed to be free of artificial colouring and preservatives, mineral oil and paraffins. Care products from only the best ingredients that grow in the mountain paradise of the South Tyrolean Alps.

Nature has blessed us with a rich gift. Genuine treasures are just waiting to be discovered in the mountain landscape of the Alps. Since our forests, meadows, herbal gardens and rock faces harbour numerous precious ingredients for our organic cosmetics products. Treasured herbal extracts, gentle floral waters and selected minerals are turned into magnificent essences for modern beauty care based on traditional recipes. The selected treatments are also perfectly tailored to the needs of your skin with BERG organic cosmetics.


BERG relaxation

Let go and enjoy – relaxation for active feet!

  • Thyme Footbath
  • Relaxing foot massage
  • Alpine rose bundle massage

Approx. 50 minutes: € 70.00

BERG care

Gentle and fruity – wrap yourself from head to toe in the wonderful aroma of local apricots. Enjoy an intensive apricot care pack in the swing bed and our Berg manicure with apricot extracts.

  • Manicure with apricot hand massage
  • Apricot body pack

Approx. 110 minutes: € 120.00

BERG experience

Edelweiss and marble from high alpine regions form the ingredients for this luxurious Alpine spa treatment. For strong, firm skin.

  • Vinschgau marble exfoliation
  • Edelweiss bath
  • Edelweiss body care
  • Facial and body massage

Approx. 80 minutes: € 93.00

BERG revitalisation

Arnica – the power pack of the Alps. Deep relaxation and mobilisation, perfect for athletes and active visitors!

  • Vinschgau Arnica clay pack
  • Sports massage with Arnica oil

Approx. 80 minutes: € 93.00

BERG secret

Pure botanical power for a sensual experience. Juniper and clover - uniquely combined and long-lasting effects both inside and out.

  • Vinschgau marble exfoliation
  • Edelweiss body care
  • Relaxing alpine rose facial-head massage

Approx. 50 minutes € 70.00

BERG alpine rose facial treatment for HIM and HER!

The rare alpine rose is the secret that lies behind this moisturising facial treatment, which provides effective facial care for each type of skin complexion and age. Impurities are gently removed and the skin complexion is refined, making it silky soft.

Approx. 80 minutes: € 95.00

The best from the mountains – special alpine spa treatments

Belvita gourmet cuisine massage

This relaxing zone massage, which is performed on the face, head and neck area using aromatic
oils, stimulates your taste buds.

Approx. 25 minutes € 39.00

Belvita premium spa massage

Both rituals encourage stress reduction and lead to better sleeping patterns. Choose between St. John’s Wort oil, which has a relaxing effect, or mountain pine oil, which will revitalise you after a strenuous day of sport. We recommend relaxing on a Swiss pine pillow after the massage for around 30 min.

approx. 50 min - € 68.00