Lighten Up - Weight Loss Vacation, Italy

Reshape & regenarate new for 2022

A holistic, result-driven programme for dynamic people who need to rebalance their energy, reshape their silhouette and lighten their mind.

Consistent series of specialised Body Treatments & Medical Wellness sessions targeted to the natural stimulation of deep energy, improvement of circulation, digestion, and metabolism.

The award-winning Eating Philosophy at Preidlhof includes guided experiences of mindful eating and sensorial analysis, a delicious plant-based dinner “Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu” and the “7 X 7” signature Soups for lunch designed by an international renowned, Italian Chef of Spa Cuisine served in the Wellness Restaurant.

Movement outdoors together with a rich offering of wellness experiences provide a great synergy with the wonderful natural location and your enjoyment of the Resort. Enjoy your weightloss vacation, Italy.

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  • 2 Shaping Mud, approx. 100 min.
  • 2 Medical Body Measurements  
  • Medical check and HRV measurement with Dr. Med. A. Angerer, approx. 50 min. 
  • 2 Acupuncture with Dr. Med. A. Angerer, approx. 25 min. 
  • Deep Sea Room, approx. 15 min. 
  • 1 Silhouette massage, approx. 50 min.
  • 2 x Slim & Detox Body Treatments 50 min. 
  • 3 x Slim & Detox Thermal Baths 20 min. 
  • 6 special Classes (yoga nidra, mindful eating, laughter yoga, face yoga, self-massage etc.) 
  • 4 Wellness Events (Forest Bathing, sound or water healing, transformational dance, etc.)
per person € 1607.00 (accommodation excluded)
A minimum stay of 6 nights is required

SHAPING MUD approx. 100 min.
Remodelling and intense, a treatment with an immediate effect popular in Medical Spas: helps to lighten the silhouette and eliminate excess water and toxins. Products rich in essential, natural active oils and an enzyme saline scrub, are massaged onto the body; then a specific bandage is worn before applying mud which is allowed to solidify to enable the active ingredients take effect. At the end of treatment, the solidified mud is removed, leaving the body feeling lighter and more refined.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a specialist practice which enables Dr. Med. A. Angerer to measure the body’s energy efficiency. It detects heart rate variability (HRV) and describes the dynamic rhythm of the heart. The compensatory capacity of the heart, or its ability to regulate the functions of the body, is fundamental to our well-being. HRV measurement can assess the body's resilience to stress and enables the process and effectiveness of an existing therapy to be monitored. Paying greater attention to one's body and its state of health helps to pave the way to a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle.
ACUPUNCTURE approx. 25 min.
Divided into acupuncture of the body and cranium, the main purpose is the stimulation and strengthening of vitality (energy balance) and the harmonisation of breathing, digestion, immune defences, sleep, and psyche. 

DEEP SEA RELAXATION approx. 15 min.
Sound and colour, the two new frontiers of wellness come together in this masterpiece of technology and creativity, to relax and inspire body and mind. Created by a visionary audiologist, you are enveloped in the light of 12,500 LEDs immersed in the sounds and colours as you journey in your mind through the universe or the sea. Instils a deep state of relaxation.

SILHOUETTE MASSAGE approx. 50 min.
Classic and intense stimulating massage focussing on body parts where circulation needs to be boosted. A reactivating technique is combined with a specific product according to individual needs.

360° detailed body composition analysis powered by the latest medical technology to gather data, with recommendations to sustain your plan and track progress. 

Specific professional shaping or detox body treatments selected according to your needs and goals; it might be cupping, a detox aroma-massage, or a cellulite mechanical treatment. 

Private thermal bath and water massage upgraded by the use of powerful and personalized local bath oils to address specific needs (energy, detox, drainaget etc.).

Integrate the precious work of the Therapists attending these daily classes:
Yoga Nidra Mediation (to improve sleep, awareness, creativity), Laughter Yoga (to improve energy, elevate frequency, unlock breath), Mindful/sensorial eating (to make eating more enjoyable and sustainable, improve digestion, connect with good food and improve inner awareness), Face Yoga (to create your anti-aging routine, improve appearance and energy), Qi Gong or Dao Yin (to improve energy, flexibility and self-healing), etc…  

Unique experiences to consolidate and enhance the effects of the Retreats and immersion in The Preidlhof Way: Forest Bathing (mindful immersion in the Forest to increase serenity, awareness, and healing connection with Nature); Sound Healing (creative sessions with gong, bells or music to increase balance and calm); Transformational Dance (to unlock and free); Yoga and Water events, etc…

At the MED SPA you will find the latest equipment to definitively reduce localised fat deposits, book your free consultation for:

A medical treatment based on a new approach to remove unsightly, stubborn fat deposits in a painless, non-invasive way. The remodelling of the silhouette uses ultrasonic waves and advanced technology developed by specialists in plastic surgery and scientists. Backed with extensive knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine, excellent results are achieved by eliminating fat cells in a selective and definitive way.  After an initial interview with Dr. Med. A. Angerer to determine the areas of intervention, the session takes place in the comfortable Preidl Med Spa and includes personalised recommendations for a healthier lifestyle. (from € 750.–)