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Three Pillars of Health

A Path to Better Sleep, Movement & Nutrition - Hedonic & Eudaimonic

A programme to care and plan for improvement in the key pillars of our health: sleep, nutrition, movement and their interactions.

Dr Angerer has state-of-the-art technology and many years’ experience in prevention, diagnostics and complementary medicine. This programme combines a series of tests and evaluations to picture your health today and plan for the future.


On Sunday, blood tests will measure levels of serotonin and melatonin, which in times of stress tend to be low and have important influences on mood, sleep, appetite and quality of life, and TSH to get an overall picture of the Metabolism.
approx. 60 min.

On Tuesday, the results of the sleep measurement taken on previous nights will be evaluated together through a jewel of technology delivered and explained by the Sleep Coach.
approx. 20 min. + approx. 40 min.

On Thursday or Sunday, Dr Angerer will provide the full picture of the results, providing all the tips needed to create a real and lasting improvement in daily routine and overall health.
approx. 60 min.

A special attention is dedicated to the food experience as a concept going beyond dieting and tends to focus more on the body’s intelligence and nature in South Tyrol.

7 days, from early Sunday morning

€ 520,00 (in addition the cost of the specific tests required and in addition to the price of 3/4 board)
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