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BTV Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg
IBAN:   CH3508525000SA31642AA
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6 Nuits
à partir du € 924
du 16.03.2019 à 23.03.2019
du 13.07.2019 à 20.07.2019
Special culinary weeks for gourmets. Special culinary highlight from our gourmet cuisine every day with differently themed dinners and tastings.
6 Nuits
à partir du € 924
du 23.03.2019 à 30.03.2019
du 19.10.2019 à 26.10.2019
du 16.11.2019 à 23.11.2019
6 Nuits
à partir du € 924
du 23.03.2019 à 13.04.2019
Time for love, to that wellness at its finest, paired with Dolce Vita and endless cuddling!
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1141
du 30.03.2019 à 06.04.2019
Spring, wellness and relax!
6 Nuits
à partir du € 1038
du 08.04.2019 à 14.04.2019
du 14.10.2019 à 20.10.2019
A special week for sauna enthusiasts!Enjoy your sauna experience with different show infusions, internationally certified sauna attendants and a great...
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1141
du 13.04.2019 à 20.04.2019
17 million apple trees in the Val d’Adige exude a beguiling scent of flowers and immerse the entire nature in a white sea of flowers. A special...
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1351
du 17.04.2019 à 26.04.2019
Adults only also in the holiday season!  Dreamlike days with beautiful spring weather. Enjoy the sun in the Mediterranean park under olive trees with...
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1281
du 27.04.2019 à 04.05.2019
du 26.10.2019 à 02.11.2019
Rustic paths along irrigation channels - pleasantly flat always following the stream, they follow the orchards and vineyards across the valley through...
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1281
du 04.05.2019 à 31.05.2019
Dancing – a form of expression
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1281
du 18.05.2019 à 25.05.2019
du 31.08.2019 à 07.09.2019
The Nature Park Texelgruppe, the largest nature park in South Tyrol with access directly behind the Hotel Preidlhof, forms the backdrop for...
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1281
du 22.06.2019 à 29.06.2019
du 20.07.2019 à 27.07.2019
The High Mountain Trail of Merano circles the nature park Texelgruppe (the biggest nature park in South Tyrol) with a length of nearly 100 km. Within...
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1281
du 29.06.2019 à 27.07.2019
At Hotel Preidlhof you will find one of the largest pool landscapes of South Tyrol with a Mediterranean park, romantic corners and 6 Pools. Unlimited...
4 Nuits
à partir du € 856
du 27.07.2019 à 31.08.2019
At Hotel Preidlhof you will find one of the largest pool landscapes of South Tyrol with a Mediterranean park, romantic corners and 6 pools. Unlimited...
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1428
du 07.09.2019 à 28.09.2019
The most beautiful season in South Tyrol, pleasantly mild climate, lush vineyards and mature orchards invite you to excursions and our huge pool area...
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1141
du 12.10.2019 à 24.11.2019
Cuddly wellness autumn. Finally, it’s time for love, in addition, wellness and relaxation paired with Dolce Vita feeling and endless cuddling!
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1141
du 19.10.2019 à 23.11.2019
Wine lovers and connoisseurs get their money's worth during these weeks. You will enjoy weekly wine tours with tastings, gourmet gala,...
10 Nuits
à partir du € 1829
du 05.04.2019 à 15.04.2019
Inizio stagione con il campione del mondo su strada svizzero Oscar Camenzind, il favorito del Giro e del Tour e campione del mondo Alex Zülle e le...
10 Nuits
à partir du € 2010
du 26.04.2019 à 06.05.2019
con l'ex-allenatore della nazionale svizzera Urs Graf e le guide della Ötzi Bike Academy.
6 Nuits
à partir du € 1288
du 12.05.2019 à 18.05.2019
Anche le guide della Ötzi Bike Academy sono al passo coi tempi e si interessano al tema dell’e-bike: la bici elettrica richiede una tecnica speciale e...
3 Nuits
à partir du € 708
du 24.05.2019 à 27.05.2019
du 21.06.2019 à 24.06.2019
10 Nuits
à partir du € 2029
du 05.07.2019 à 15.07.2019
I passi alpini più belli si trovano in Alto Adige e per questo la regione offre molto ai ciclisti da corsa.
3 Nuits
à partir du € 721
du 01.02.2019 à 28.02.2019
du 08.03.2019 à 12.04.2019
du 03.05.2019 à 24.05.2019
du 12.06.2019 à 08.08.2019
du 18.08.2019 à 27.09.2019
du 05.10.2019 à 25.10.2019
du 03.11.2019 à 23.11.2019
Quick check-up of your health! Get direct feedback using the latest medical technology. A comprehensive medical consultation and a full-body...
5 Nuits
à partir du € 1725
du 01.02.2019 à 30.03.2019
du 15.09.2019 à 24.11.2019
Cast off excess ballast and experience a new lightness of being. Enjoy the benefits of detoxification as well as deacidification and inject fresh...
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1895
du 30.03.2019 à 24.11.2019
Increase your fitness levels at Preidlhof with the perfect combination of in-house and outdoor activities. 
2 Nuits
à partir du € 360
du 01.03.2019 à 03.03.2019
Just YOU & I – Relaxation. Precious moments for two. Be happy.
3 Nuits
à partir du € 516
du 19.02.2019 à 22.02.2019
Enjoy the mild sun, the Mediterranean landscape during snow-free hiking tours in the valley and experience the white winter in the mountains with...
4 Nuits
à partir du € 616
du 01.02.2019 à 30.03.2019
Sunday to Thursday! Package "I love you" and 70€ wellness voucher included
5 Nuits
à partir du € 770
du 01.02.2019 à 30.03.2019
Sunday to Friday! 150€ wellness voucher and premium SPA of 5000qm included
3 Nuits
à partir du € 462
du 01.02.2019 à 30.03.2019
Arrival on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday! Welcome Prosecco Rosé and 50€ wellness voucher included
3 Nuits
à partir du € 514
du 01.02.2019 à 30.03.2019
Thursday to Sunday! Including delicious chocolate fruits 
7 Nuits
à partir du € 2125
du 30.03.2019 à 31.05.2019
Get back in shape! For anyone who wants an aesthetically toned body. Experience the effective combination of proven therapeutic and training methods...
2 Nuits
à partir du € 384
du 01.02.2019 à 30.03.2019
Friday to Sunday! Package "I love you" included
6 Nuits
à partir du € 1813
du 01.06.2019 à 15.09.2019
Charisma and radiance are not a privilege of youth! You maintain a healthy lifestyle and want to also look as young as you feel – do something good...