Wellness & Cuisine, Italy

A gastronomic tour of South Tyrol

Rooted in a region so celebrated for its cuisine, our award-winning kitchen and restaurant plays an essential part in the enjoyment of your stay. So does the environment, the terroir, the local farmers and the suppliers we partner with…there are many elements to the food we so delight in bringing to your table.

At Preidlhof, we take immense care to source only the finest, the freshest organic produce and ingredients. We also lovingly grow and make much of the produce ourselves. The scent of our aromatic herbs, lemon trees and orchards will stay with you long after your stay.

Celebrating age-old traditions with new interpretations, we believe food should be a highly pleasurable experience. Maintaining the right balance between health and pleasure is central to our wellness philosophy at Preidlhof. Carefully devised by our expert chefs, our new menu embraces all the flavours and health benefits of the Mediterranean diet while remaining free of gluten, lactose, soya and sugar.

We also offer special classes, to which our guests can attend if they booked a wellness retreat.
Among them the Mindful Eating, that theach guests how you do perfect the art of Mindful Eating to achieve more sustainable and longer-term transformative health results.
Discover new richness and fresh perspectives through precious sharing, fascinating techniques and sensorial experiences with our wellness cuisine, Italy.