Kulinarik am Teller


Our gastronomic tour of South Tyrol

Wellness at Preidlhof extends to all pleasures of life, as food. In our gourmet restaurant, the food pleasures can be enjoyed thanks to the gastronomic interpretations of our chefs who renew dolomite tradition and use the highest quality seasonal ingredients. The relationship with the territory is an essential element to bring healthy food to the table, respectful of the environment and of the people who produce them. The result is a cuisine with unmistakable and essential taste, which gives up chemicals, using only the best aromatic herbs, oils, spices, vinegar and products from this territory. Cuisine experts have created an exclusive wellness menu that embraces the new philosophy: a right balance between pleasure and health. The new menu combines the benefits of the Mediterranean diet with a gluten, lactose, soya, sugar free food and guarantees satisfaction for all the senses as taught in Mindulf Eating classes.

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