Medical SPA Concept: The Preidlhof Way

The Preidlhof Medical Concept is science and evidence-based, combining the latest advances in complementary medicine and a deep knowledge of individual dynamics.  All treatment programmes are tailored to individual needs.

Using the very latest equipment, our experts will lead you on a personal health journey of self-discovery and deeper awareness.

"The time we live in demonstrates just how complementary medicine plays a fundamental role in maintaining good health: strengthening the immune system and unlocking vital energy to allow each of us to regenerate, reactivate and strengthen" Dr. Med. Angerer.


Our Transformational Wellness programmes each consist of investigative, treatment and therapy phases, tailored to the needs of each guest. Using the latest generation tools, each client is guided towards a journey of self-discovery and a greater awareness of their own health.
At Preidlhof, the primary areas of intervention are: stress reduction, improvement in sleep quality, post-trauma recovery, healthy weight management, and identifying the most suitable lifestyle based on your individual profile and analysis. 



The path starts with an investigation into any physical deficiencies, focusing both on potential ener-gy disruptors or traumatic events that the person has experienced or is going through. The goal is to facilitate a healthy reorganization of the body's vital processes.

“The moment of greatest satisfaction in my work occurs when, with the data in hand, I can create the personal programme for each guest, answering questions about their symptoms. Embarking on a health programme together really represents the start of a better life". Dr. Angerer


Investigation tools

HRV – Heart Rate Variability
Heart Rate Variability is a biofeedback tool that enables you to view your stress levels, your resili-ence and ability to overcome stress, and to gauge on a monitor how your various organs respond to the life you lead.

The HRV analysis provides valuable information on your quality of sleep, on the times in the day in which your energy is higher, and also provides interesting insights into your biological age relative to your actual age.

“People often get used to stress and tension. Through these engaging and interactive investigation methods, I have the opportunity to show what the most suitable living conditions should be to stay healthy" Dr. Angerer



For deeper analysis, a detailed assessment of your health detects melatonin and sleep, food intoler-ances, thyroid function, etc.  Preidlhof has for years partnered with a highly-specialized laboratory in Germany. They use the latest investigation and analysis techniques, and are able to provide the results in days.

"The aspect that interests me most is the study of the intestinal microbiome: it is here that very im-portant information on the general health of mind and body resides and it is often from here that a concrete and surprising project of rejuvenation, energy recovery and health can start again". Dr. Angerer



Sleep quality plays a fundamental role in our health. The Preidlhof Medical Spa has a cutting-edge tool for monitoring sleep quality and its effects on your body throughout the day. This is available to all guests on our 7 day Sleep Better programme and to any other guests on request.

An easy to wear bracelet, connected to a sleep medicine laboratory monitors your sleep for 7 days. This provides a complete picture to better understand a person’s wellbeing and is used by Dr An-gerer and the Wellness Team to create a highly personalized and dynamic programme which can be adapted in response to the results monitored. The analysis of the dynamics that occur during sleep is also a tool for deep self-knowledge, also essential in improving attention, concentration, reasoning and overall self-care.



This new generation instrument is part of the Preidlhof offering and allows a quick and precise read-ing of body composition, BMI, distribution of fat and muscle mass, as well as water and proteins.

The analysis enables us to highlight associated risk relating to visceral fat and the percentage of fat located in the abdominal area: important as this is linked to an increased risk of developing certain disease.

This extraordinary "digital scale" also measures biological age and provides important data on the calories required to keep the body healthy in order to maintain a healthy weight.




Dr Angerer leads ‘Integrated Healing’, Preidlhof’s new flagship programme enshrining The Preidlhof Way.

The senior therapist team is able to offer a concrete experience of transformation and care even dur-ing very difficult moments, creating the basis for a profound and lasting change of life. A holistic, effective and highly personalised programme: the sophisticated work of Trauma Healing and psy-cho-physical regeneration is integrated with self-discovery work and supported by medical investi-gation and evidence-based analysis.



Acupuncture is the main instrument of complementary medicine proposed by Dr Angerer.  It effects an immediate boost of energy and rebalancing, which enables you to find the right strength and stimulus to get your life back on track, in a positive and healthier way.
The needs are often applied to the skull or ears because they are the points where the result is often greater and most immediate. 



The latest addition to the important Preidlhof curative offer is Cryolipolysis, cold therapy.
Sophisticated and cutting-edge instruments allow the doctor to remodel the figure and dissolve ex-cess fat effectively, definitively and painlessly in all areas that need to be reshaped. The important results obtained in some sessions provide a stimulus towards maintaining a better lifestyle.



Preidlhof provides, when needed, infusions and supplements based on vitamins, minerals and spe-cific preparations essential to stimulate the immune system and help reduce stress. Vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and a mix of beneficial supplements can help the body in times of difficulty, balance deficiencies highlighted by the analyzes and aid prevention.



At Preidlhof, it is possible to book a specialised consultation to identify food intolerances, advise on the best diet or the most effective way to train according to one’s physical needs and personality type. The Wellness Gourmet Menu available in Preidlhof’s restaurant has been designed on the basis of medical research which shows that the Alkaline and Mediterranean diet can greatly improve life.

As one of Italy's most luxurious wellness retreats, Preidlhof offers a wealth of opportunities for recovery and self-healing: a healthy creative dining experience, an abundance of activities, personalised treatments by exceptionally skilled therapists, and plenty of private space for relationships to unfold make your wellness retreat in Italy exceptional. Guests profit from our holistic and sustainable approach also in our health talks or workshops, designed by experts to equip participants with the knowledge required to recreate the Preidlhof wellness experience at home.

At the Preidlhof wellness retreat, health awareness and the joy of living combine in a sumptuous setting to create a wellness experience par excellence.