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Thermal water at the Hotel Preidlhof

Relaxing spa holiday in South Tyrol

Historical background

The Romans had already come to appreciate and take advantage of the thermal springs along the Via Claudia Augusta trade route. This is also where the Kochenmoos spa is located on the old Roman road in a neighbouring village of Naturno. The old healing spring rises here directly at the foot of the Sonnenberg below Juval Castle.

A "bath house" was already documented here around 1600. This ancient thermal water can be enjoyed and experienced at the Hotel Preidlhof as of September 2021.

A newly built 3-km-long pipeline has been filling the indoor pool with thermal water from the Sonnenberg since autumn 2021. The hotel's own thermal baths can be conveniently accessed in your bathrobe from your hotel room. This means that there is nothing standing in your way of a relaxing thermal spa holiday.

Thermal water - composition and effect

The water is a lightly mineralised thermal water containing sulphate and fluoride. Bromine, iodine, arsenic and traces of lithium are also present. This makes it perfectly suitable as a therapeutic water for balneotherapy in osteoarticular pathologies. It can alleviate rheumatic, orthopaedic and traumatological complaints of the musculoskeletal system. Soaking in the thermal water of Kochenmoos has a muscle-relaxing, calming and soothing effect.

It is ideal for people suffering from stress and in need of general recuperation. Arsenic also has therapeutic effects on skin diseases, central nervous system disorders, thyroid conditions and various metabolic illnesses. A maximum uninterrupted bathing time of 30 minutes is recommended due to the arsenic content.


Relax and relieve stress with natural healing water

Nothing relaxes you better and more effectively after a strenuous week at work or an active day of sport than a pleasantly warm bath in our thermal water. Worn-out muscles from a cycling tour or a hike in the Alpine pastures are able to relax all the more effectively in the healing water. Spiritual and mental regeneration also comes easily in the warm thermal water. The knowledge of natural healing waters as a source of energy for the whole body that has been passed down through generations can be put to excellent use today, especially for a wellness day.

Highly effective underwater massages with the thermal water from Kochenmoos are on offer at the Preidl SPA. The warm healing water and the massaging water jet used for the manual underwater massage loosen many stubborn tensions and blockages.

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