Wellness for 2 at the Adults-Only Spa Hotel

Hedonic Spa Rituals

This is an inspiring and engaging programme that promotes new ways of being connected, new perspectives to watch the person with us or to be seen, through sensorial and interactive spa rituals. Relax, smell, taste, enjoy and relax in our adults-only Spa Hotel.

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  • 1x Red Hammam for 2, approx. 50 min.
  • 1x Aroma Massage for 2, approx. 50 min. 
  • 1x 46° Parallel Olive Oil massage for 2, approx. 50 min.
  • 4 special Classes (yoga nidra, mindful eating, laughter yoga, face yoga, self massage etc.) 
for 2 person € 705.00 (accommodation excluded)
A minimum stay of 4 nights is required
  • 1 Red Hammam for 2, approx. 50 min.
  • 1 Aroma Massage for 2, approx. 50 min. 
  • 1 46° Parallel Olive Oil Massage for 2, approx. 50 min.
  • 1 Spa Suite Magenta for 2, approx. 110 min. 
  • 1 Chocolate & Sparkling for 2, approx. 80 min. 
  • 5 special Classes  (yoga nidra, mindful eating, laughter yoga, face yoga, self massage etc.) 
  • 1 wellness event (Forest Bathing, sound or water healing, Transformational dance, etc.) 
for 2 person € 1304.00 (accommodation excluded)
A minimum stay of 6 nights is required

RED HAMMAM FOR 2 approx. 50 min.
Aromatic natural products “made in the Mediterranean” specifically for the hammam envelop the senses and make the skin radiant in the delightful nice, private Red Hamman Room. Guided by the Therapist, receive a relaxing and purifying footbath, an exfoliating and renewing hand wash, and an effective face mud-mask. Inside the steam room, enjoy self-applying the Mediterranean body mud which melts with the heat and steam, and a final wash with an exfoliating and regenerating black soap. A fresh shower, a touch of nourishing almond cream on the hands, and a face spray with cosmetic Almond water conclude this skin enhancing ritual. 

AROMA & PSYCHO_AROMA MASSAGE X 2 approx. 50 min. 
Body and Psyche. A relaxing massage preceded by an olfactory test that reveals which dormant talents need to be awakened by using the corresponding “scent” during the massage. A mix of essential oils is also used with almond oils to enhance creativity, dreams, and intuition. Smelling the dormant talent helps reawaken it, and it will be used to create the final mini potion of personalised scent to take home.  

46° PARALLEL MASSAGE X 2 approx. 50 min.
An enchanting and comforting massage realised with bio oil from Trentino, one of the most northern olive oils available (thanks to the micro climate of the 46° Parallel, where the Mediterranean begins).  A short professionally styled olive tasting session is held before the massage to discover connections between taste and touch before and during the treatment.  

SPA SUITE Magenta FOR 2  approx. 110 min.
After a welcoming and relaxing foot-bath, the body is treated with a beautifully scented natural scrub and washing followed by a bath with powerful products to regenerate, relax or detox according to mutual needs. The relaxing massage with a very precious oil coloured in Magenta & Gold, alchemically harmonised with sound crystals and the energy of Chromotherapy concludes this fine and complete ritual. The 2 dedicated Therapists will guide you and during the massage will exchange their position allowing you to get connected. Discover quality time together, relax your mind, feel new energy,  

Chocolate therapy and wine therapy are perfectly matched in this scented ritual: two experiences to be enjoyed in the suite for two. Who will choose the chocolate and who the sparkling wine? Choco experience is a long cosmetic massage for body and face while Sparkling Italy is a lovely beauty ritual for face and body with cosmetic products produced from the local ‘Champagne’, Spumante.

Integrate the precious work of the Therapists attending these daily classes:
Yoga Nidra Mediation (to improve sleep, awareness, creativity), Laughter Yoga (to improve energy, elevate frequency, unlock breath), Mindful/sensorial eating (to make eating more enjoyable and sustainable, improve digestion, connect with good food and improve inner awareness), Face Yoga (to create your anti-aging routine, improve appearance and energy), Qi Gong or Dao Yin (to improve energy, flexibility and self-healing), etc…