Thermal Spa at Preidlhof

Excavations to the entrance of Naturno village enabled Preidlhof to introduce thermal water into the indoor pool and Spa. The Wellness Team returns to the roots of Medical Wellness which made this Region world-famous, specializing in Detox and regeneration through Thermal Baths, and a professional mix of essential oils and mud.

Thermal Spa Treatments

Following a discussion with the Therapist, embark on your personalized path towards Detox and Regeneration. This comprises two or three steps: mud wrap 20 min. + aroma detox massage 30 min. + 20 min. thermal bath. It usually starts with a mud chosen according to your needs: either a traditional reactivating mud applied to the back, or a blend of Yin and Yang mud applied to different parts of the body. After a shower, there is either a massage using a potent blend of essential oils calibrated to your needs, or a cupping session to stimulate circulation and drainage. The path ends with a personalized thermal bath using a blend of essential oils most suited to your needs and accompanied a choice in color and water massage.

3 STEPS Mud Wrap + Massage + Thermal Bath, approx. 80 min. € 150,00
2 STEPS Mud or Massage + Thermal Bath, approx. 50 min. € 110,00
Slim & Detox Thermal Bath, approx. 20 min. € 40,00

Underwater massage in a thermal bath using a special lance that allows you to vary the intensity and pressure of the massage. It can be modeling, stimulating, relaxing or decontracting as needed.

approx. 20 min. € 50,00