Energy & Healing for 2 at the Hotel & Spa, Italy

Hedonic & eudaemonic wellness, enjoy & treat

Harmonize both energies to create a new common one, be lighter, more joyful, and more aware. The winning recipe: essential, intense, and individual treatments; enjoyable shared massages; sensorial training together; and time for nature and to recuperate in our Hotel & Spa, Italy. This holiday can be highly transformative while still being enjoyed as a couple. This is The Preidlhof Way.

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Energy & Healing for 2: a couple's package for 5 days
  • Deep Sea x 2
  • 2 Total Massage
  • 2 Ancient Healing
  • 1 Dao Yin/Qi Gong Session x 2
  • 2 Glowing Flow
  • 1 Meditation Session x 2
  • 1 Spa Suite Magenta x 2
  • 1 wellness event x 2 (Forest Bathing, sound or water healing, transformational dance, etc.)



DEEP SEA ROOM X 2 approx. 15 min.  
Choose the programme that is best for you, all the result of an algorithm, always slightly different. Enter the room, get on the ‘flying carpet’ and travel between mind and matter.

TOTAL MASSAGE (individual) approx. 75 min.
From head to toe, this engaging, intuitive and relaxing massage brings calm and harmony, lightening body and mind. The perfect massage for those who desire to totally let go and who adore long massages and soothing, enveloping techniques.


ANCIENT HEALING SESSION (individual) approx 80 min.
Based on the concepts of ancient medicine and TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Martin Kirchler has created an extraordinary therapeutic session combining exceptional quality of touch in massage, which delves deep to reveal and release, with personalised suggestions and exercises to be practiced at home.  The session integrates mind and body and the function and interconnectivity of the internal organs and emotions. Personalised breathwork and Dao Yin Yoga exercises are part of the session when required to boost immediate results and create long-term benefits. 

Dao Yin Yoga or Qi Gong x 2  approx. 50 min. 
Personalised session based on ancient traditions that may include breathing exercises, movement, energy awareness and self-massage.


Glowing Flow (individual session)  approx. 80 min.  
Extra-ordinary session created by Stefano Battaglia. Techniques, conversation and bodywork attend to the needs of the body which releases emotional blocks, anxiety and imbalance. An original researcher with a unique touch, Stefano uses several refined bodywork techniques which connect and harmonise body and mind. Specialising in Trauma Touch Skills, he helps the body to release blocked emotions caused by various forms of trauma, and he also teaches and practices meditation. The treatments require loose, comfortable clothing to be worn.

Mindfulness x 2 approx. 50 min. 
Mindfulness session personalised as to the needs of the 2 persons, their level of experience and any need arising from the treatments.


SPA SUITE Magenta FOR 2 approx. 110 min.
After a welcoming and relaxing footbath, the body is treated with a beautifully scented natural scrub and wash followed by a bath with powerful products to regenerate, relax or detox according to mutual needs. A relaxing massage with a very precious oil the colour of Magenta & Gold, alchemically harmonised with sound crystals and the energy of Chromotherapy, concludes this fine and complete ritual. The two dedicated Therapists will guide you and exchange their position during the massage enabling you to get connected. Enjoy quality time together, relax your mind, and feel new energy.

Unique experiences to consolidate and enhance the effects of the Retreats and immersion in The Preidlhof Way: Forest Bathing (mindful immersion in the Forest to increase serenity, awareness, and healing connection with Nature); Sound Healing (creative sessions with gong, bells or music to increase balance and calm); Transformational Dance (to unlock and free); Yoga and Water events, etc…

for 2 person € 1556.00 (accommodation excluded)
A minimum stay of 5 nights is required