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Sleep Better

The healthy sleep

With the support of experts in Sleep Medicine and the supervision of Dr Angerer, we have created a highly personalized wellness programme to deepen and transform your quality of sleep. Take advantage of Preidlhof’s generous health and wellness offering and find your own personal rhythm.

Are you a lark, a night owl or are you somewhere in between? What is your circadian rhythm? At what crucial point do we intervene to start improving the quality of your sleep?

Does the answer lie in your circadian rhythm, your breathing, your sleep habits… or does the trigger relate to events or perhaps times in life, such as the menopause? Your quality of sleep is assessed not just by observing the night, but also in considering the quality of your day.


  • 1x sleep discovery session with Dr. Angerer 20 min. (with the sleep coach in the spa) and 50 min. with Dr. Angerer to include an HRV test (heart rate variability) and the first acupuncture session.
  • a further measurement and consultation with Dr. Angerer (50 min.) includes a second acupuncture session
  • 2x nighttime measurements with a sleep monitoring device
  • 1x specific body treatment for sleep 50‘ onyricon and tranquillity (50 min.)
  • 1x personalized session with Stefano Battaglia in trauma healing and / or mindfulness and body therapies (80 min.)
  • 1x personalized session with Martin based on ancient oriental medicine or other techniques (80 min.)
  • 1x yoga nidra group session
  • 1x barefoot training group session
  • 1x forest bathing group session
A 6 day treatment

€ 1.064,00 (in addition the cost of the specific tests required and in addition to the price of 3/4 board)
Detailed Description of the Treatments


Overall assessment of your quality of sleep and programming of monitoring tools to be used during the week.


Receipt of personalized programme with details of the activities included and the time in which to enjoy them, result of measurements and monitoring with the most suitable equipment for the specific case. Personalized wellness programme and delivery of a personalized sleep kit.


personalised wellness programme, nutrition recommendations, related to training and daily activities.


Second measurement and personalized wellness programme.


Delivery of personalized advice based on your endogenous rhythm, the current situation, and the results obtained (nutrition, training, lifestyle) and individual wellness programme.

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