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The healthy sleep

With the support of Sleep Medicine experts and the supervision of Dr. Med. A. Angerer, we have created a highly personalised wellness programme to deepen and transform your sleep. Take advantage of Preidlhof’s generous health and wellness offering and find your own personal rhythm. Are you a lark, a night owl or are you somewhere in between? What is your circadian rhythm?

At what crucial point do we intervene to start improving the quality of your sleep? Does the answer lie in your circadian rhythm, your breathing, your sleep habits … or does the trigger relate to events or perhaps times in life, such as the menopause?

Your quality of sleep is assessed not just by observing the night, but also in considering the quality of your day, as well as deeper causes that may be hidden in the body.

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  • Medical Ckeck, HRV Measurement with Dr. Med. A. Angerer approx. 50 min.
  • 2x Acupuncture with Dr. Med. A. Angerer approx. 25 min.
  • 7-day Sleep Bracelet & Medical Feedback approx. 20 + 50 min.
  • Massage SPA Onyricon approx. 75 min.
  • Massage SPA Tranquility approx. 75 min.
  • Glowing Flow Session with Stefano Battaglia approx. 80 min.
  • 7 daily pass for all Special Classes
per person € 1520.00 (accommodation excluded)
A minimum stay of 7 nights is required


Extra-ordinary session created by Stefano Battaglia. Techniques, conversation and bodywork attend to the needs of the body which releases emotional blocks, anxiety and imbalance. An original researcher with a unique touch, he uses several refined bodywork techniques which connect and harmonise body and mind. Specialising in Trauma Touch Skills, Stefano helps the body to release blocked emotions caused by various forms of trauma, he also teaches and practices meditation. The treatments require loose, comfortable clothing to be worn.


Heart rate variability (HRV) describes the dynamic rhythm of your heart and makes your body’s energy efficiency measurable. The ability to regulate the heart, or its ability to regulate the functions of the body, is fundamental to our well-being. In addition to assessing the body’s stamina in stressful situations, HRV measurement also allows control of the process and effectiveness of an existing therapy. Raising awareness of your body and its state of health helps you on the road to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


A Medical device connected with a Sleep Lab where Doctors specialised in Sleep Medicine evaluate the quality of your sleep. It is a discrete device, a bracelet worn for seven days. At the end of the testing, Dr. Med. A. Angerer gives an in-depth reading of the feedback.


To relieve insomnia, anxiety, jet lag or particularly stressful periods, the Italian brand Dolomitic Water has prepared a highly professional treatment that combines the power of breathing and massage with the health effects of the water coming from the mountains of this region of Italy. Pleasant and relaxing, this treatment leaves a deep feeling of calm, of inner peace and helps to improve the quality of sleep at night.


An innovative and calming massage that acts on three different sensory paths to promote deep relaxation and quality sleep, also beneficial for recovery from jet-lag. It’s a ComfortZone treatment, a guarantee in itself for spa rituals, but perhaps the most famous one of them all because of the exceptional scent. Very soft and calming, the dexterity of manual massage is inspired by Indonesian massage Sea Malay and Ayurvedic. These, together with the use of soft brushes on the skin, slowly relieve all tensions to achieve a state of total calm in both body and mind.


Acupuncture of both the body and skull, the main purpose is the stimulation and strengthening of vitality (energy balance) and the harmonisation of breathing, digestion, immune defences, sleep and psyche.

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