Glowing Flow - Transformational Wellness Holidays

The Heart Retreat at Preidlhof

World-renowned and award-winning Holistic Master Therapist, Stefano Battaglia, brings all his vast knowledge and experience to bear in this life-changing Retreat. The quality and precision of Stefano’s healing touch, his presence, and his deep understanding, awaken the inner healer that resides in us all. Share Stefano’s unique and rare approach to self-discovery: revive the pleasure of being in the now, heal the past and positively inspire your vision of the future. Discover the joy of not being alone in your soul searching.  Pivotal are Glowing Flow sessions enhanced by meditation and the sharing of precious glimpses into mindful living. Ideal for Solo travellers or like-minded wellness seekers travelling together in their transformational wellness holidays.

Book your retreat, tel. Preidlhof Spa: +39 0473 673626

Discover the joy of not being alone
  • Glowing Flow, approx. 80 min. 
  • 2 Glowing Flow follow up, approx. 80 min.
  • 1 private Meditation Session with Stefano Battaglia, approx. 50 min.
  • 1 Mindful living Experience , approx. 80 min.
  • 1 Transformational Wellness Consultation with Patrizia Bortolin, approx. 60 min.
  • 2 Wellness Events (Forest Bathing or sound healing, sound or water massage, transformational dance, etc.) 
per person € 1500.00 (accommodation excluded)
A minimum stay of 5 nights is required

GLOWING FLOW SESSIONS  approx. 80 min.
Extra-ordinary session created by Stefano Battaglia. Techniques, conversation and bodywork attend to the needs of the body which releases emotional blocks, anxiety and imbalance. An original researcher with a unique touch, Stefano uses several refined bodywork techniques which connect and harmonise body and mind. Specialising in Trauma Touch Skills, he helps the body to release blocked emotions caused by various forms of trauma, and he also teaches and practices meditation. The treatments require loose, comfortable clothing to be worn.

Glowing Flow session to consolidate and enhance the initial work undertaken, to evaluate progress and create an interactive experiential treatment targeted to personal goals and needs. 
approx. 80 min.

Personalised meditation sessions based on mindfulness and other approaches learned and experienced over 20 years. The experience is calibrated according to your level of experience, your needs and searching.

MINDFUL LIVING  approx. 80 min.
During this special time, Stefano shares a personalised experience tailored to your individual needs and circumstances to integrate the benefits of the deep work started during the Glowing Flow sessions into daily life, to monitor or enhance improvements. This could be an inspired hike on powerful Sun Mountain together; a mindful walk around the beautiful Lake or waterfalls nearby; a magical immersion in the woods on the Mountain; sharing spiritual readings or movies; or calm walk along the rich Adige River.

Surprising and original, this immersive and unparalleled experience is designed by Patrizia Bortolin, Transformational & Wellness Life-Coach. Through different sensory techniques she leads a journey of rediscovery and transformation that provides new perspectives and promotes a vital, creative and inspiring approach to life.

Unique experiences to consolidate and enhance the effects of the Retreats and immersion in The Preidlhof Way: Forest Bathing (mindful immersion in the Forest to increase serenity, awareness, and healing connection with Nature); Sound Healing (creative sessions with gong, bells or music to increase balance and calm); Transformational Dance (to unlock and free); Yoga and Water events, etc…