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5 Nights
From € 845
from 29.01.2021 until 27.03.2021
Sunday to Friday! 150€ wellness voucher and premium SPA of 5000qm included
Love Time Weekend for 2
2 Nights
From € 420
from 29.01.2021 until 26.03.2021
Friday to Sunday! Package "I love you" included
Romantic Weekend
3 Nights
From € 559
from 29.01.2021 until 26.03.2021
Thursday to Sunday! Including delicious chocolate fruits 
Romeo & Julia
4 Nights
From € 676
from 29.01.2021 until 26.03.2021
Sunday to Thursday! Package "I love you" and 70€ wellness voucher included
Time for love
3 Nights
From € 507
from 29.01.2021 until 26.03.2021
Arrival on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday! Welcome Prosecco Rosé and 50€ wellness voucher included
Mountain bike weeks with 315 days of sunshine
5 Nights
From € 940
from 06.03.2021 until 28.11.2021
New Merano Bike Highline, new Ötzi Flow Trail With its 315 days of sunshine per year Naturno is perfect for mountain biking and it’s absolutely...
DolceVita & cuddling in spring
6 Nights
From € 1128
from 20.03.2021 until 31.03.2021
from 10.04.2021 until 17.04.2021
Time for love, wellness at its best, paired with Dolce Vita, XXL SPA opening hours advantageous Naturno Greencard included! 
DolceVita Sauna around week
6 Nights
From € 1128
from 21.03.2021 until 28.03.2021
from 17.10.2021 until 24.10.2021
A special week for sauna enthusiasts! Enjoy your sauna experience with different show infusions, internationally certified sauna attendants and a...
Technical seminar for e-mountainbikers
3 Nights
From € 693
from 26.03.2021 until 29.03.2021
from 14.05.2021 until 17.05.2021
"The better the riding technique, the more fun" is the motto of the Ötzi Bike Academy Naturno.
Gourmet week
7 Nights
From € 1246
from 27.03.2021 until 03.04.2021
from 10.07.2021 until 17.07.2021
Special culinary weeks for gourmets. Daily culinary highlights from our gourmet cuisine with differently themed dinners and tastings.
E-mountain bike test weeks
6 Nights
From € 1308
from 29.03.2021 until 02.04.2021
from 03.05.2021 until 07.05.2021
from 11.10.2021 until 15.10.2021
Biking between mountains and lakes – castles and fortresses – on a journey of discovery with the e-mountain bike in South Tyrol. Test the most...
Easter time - spring time
7 Nights
From € 1456
from 31.03.2021 until 09.04.2021
Adults only also in the holiday season!  Dreamlike days with beautiful spring weather. Enjoy the sun in the Mediterranean park under olive trees with...
„Storck“ racing bike opening week
8 Nights
From € 1623
from 10.04.2021 until 18.04.2021
Breeze in the spring sunshine Start of the season with Swiss road world champion Oscar Camenzind, Giro and Tour favourite and world champion Alex...
Apple blossom week
7 Nights
From € 1246
from 17.04.2021 until 24.04.2021
17 million apple trees in the Val d’Adige exude a beguiling scent of flowers and immerse the entire nature in a white sea of flowers. A special...
E-Bike Blooming Days
6 Nights
From € 1284
from 19.04.2021 until 23.04.2021
Guided e-bike tours through the blooming meadows around Merano and a stop at traditional snack stations - the Mediterranean spring entices with mild...
Ötzi Bike Cross Country and Trail Week
10 Nights
From € 2160
from 23.04.2021 until 03.05.2021
Learn the perfect biking technique and explore the trails in the Val Venosta and Merano regions with former Swiss national coach Urs Graf and the...
Hiking at the irrigation channels
7 Nights
From € 1386
from 24.04.2021 until 01.05.2021
from 24.10.2021 until 31.10.2021
Rustic paths along irrigation channels - pleasantly flat always following the stream, they follow the orchards and vineyards across the valley through...
Adventure weeks in the nature park
7 Nights
From € 1386
from 01.05.2021 until 08.05.2021
from 26.06.2021 until 03.07.2021
The Nature Park Texelgruppe, the largest nature park in South Tyrol with access directly behind the Hotel Preidlhof, forms the backdrop for...
Join us dancing in May
7 Nights
From € 1386
from 01.05.2021 until 29.05.2021
Dancing – a form of expression
Technical seminar ladies camp
6 Nights
From € 1377
from 20.05.2021 until 26.05.2021
from 10.06.2021 until 16.06.2021
"The better the riding technique, the more fun" is the motto of the Ötzi Bike Academy Naturno.
Pure nature at the Merano High Mountain Trail
7 Nights
From € 1386
from 05.06.2021 until 12.06.2021
from 04.09.2021 until 11.09.2021
The High Mountain Trail of Merano circles the Texel Group Nature Park (the biggest nature park in South Tyrol) with a length of nearly 100 km. Within...
Summer, sun & DolceVita – Mid Summer Break 2021
7 Nights
From € 1386
from 26.06.2021 until 24.07.2021
At Hotel Preidlhof you will find one of the largest pool landscapes of South Tyrol with a Mediterranean park, romantic corners and 6 Pools. Unlimited...
Early Bird Ride – sunrise tour
3 Nights
From € 737
from 22.07.2021 until 25.07.2021
from 05.08.2021 until 08.08.2021
from 19.08.2021 until 22.08.2021
from 02.09.2021 until 05.09.2021
Who would not like to experience a sunrise on a mountain peak? With e-mountain bikes and the guides from the Ötzi Bike Academy, all bikers now have...
Summer, Pools & DolceVita
7 Nights
From € 1533
from 24.07.2021 until 28.08.2021
At Preidlhof you will find one of the largest pool landscapes of South Tyrol with a Mediterranean park, romantic corners and 6 pools. Unlimited...
Golden South Tyrolean autumn
7 Nights
From € 1533
from 04.09.2021 until 25.09.2021
The most beautiful season in South Tyrol, pleasantly mild climate, lush vineyards and mature orchards invite you to excursions and our huge pool area...
DolceVita & cuddling in autumn
7 Nights
From € 1246
from 09.10.2021 until 28.11.2021
Cuddly wellness autumn. Finally, it’s time for love, in addition, wellness and relaxation paired with Dolce Vita feeling and endless cuddling!
Gourmet autumn & Riesling
7 Nights
From € 1246
from 17.10.2021 until 20.11.2021
Wine lovers and connoisseurs get their money's worth during these weeks. You will enjoy weekly wine tours with tastings, gourmet gala,...
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