Preidlhof`s Skincare Line 

Effective. Sensorial. Ethical.

Preidlhof is proud to present the new signature skincare line, the culmination of a long research: an innovative, natural, and environmentally friendly vegan line created by an all-female team committed to clean, sustainable beauty. 

The skincare Line embraces the wellness concept devised for Preidlhof, "The Preidlhof Way" by leading Spa Designer and Transformational Wellness Coach, Patrizia Bortolin. She created the products working in close collaboration with Francesca Di Lenardo, owner of Insium and one of the most beautiful names in Italian and European clean cosmetics.

Skincare for skin, body and mind

With skin the ultimate litmus test for our inner state of "well-being", these skincare products are both ultra-effective and sensorial, formulas with a high concentration of botanical and biotechnological active ingredients that respect the environment and biodiversity.  The products improve the external appearance of the epidermis skin while working deep down to improve the skin’s overall health and to relax body and mind.  

There are 9 synergistic and performing face products, including:

  • cleansing milk and oil
  • moisturizing cream and serum
  •  illuminating mask
  • powerful multivitamin serum with vitamin C
  • illuminating oil
  • nourishing butter
  • moisturizing spray essence


Some products, such as those for cleansing, are fragrance-free, while others have a light essence with a vintage touch that has a pleasant effect on mood and the desire for slow, evocative rituals.

Characterized by a strong Mediterranean note, the line embraces Preidlhof’s holistic, green and sustainable ethos, harnessing the power of nature and Stimulation of Plant Stem Cells technology.  Functional ingredients include the stem cells of chilli pepper, prickly pear seed extract and edelweiss. A mix of fruits is added to the stem cells, the raw materials selected from specialised producers in Italy to guarantee the highest quality of ingredients: organic grape skins from Emilia, Sicilian lemon, apples from Trentino and organic wheat bran from the Po Valley.

All ingredients are 100% of vegetable or biotechnological origin, free of toxic chemical ingredients, and the manufacturing process is eco-sustainable.