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Transformational Wellness: THE PREIDLHOF WAY

Rediscover yourself – body and mind

True health and happiness resides, we believe, in finding the right balance between ‘hedonistic’ and ‘eudemonic’ wellbeing, as originally defined by Aristotle. It is in this ‘sweet spot’ that pure pleasure meets a deeper sense of self-discovery, purpose and meaning. This is our philosophy – The Preidlhof Way - and it informs, and is integrated into all aspects of daily life, every interaction, experience and treatment offered to our guests.

A stay at Preidlhof offers an opportunity for personal regeneration. Our approach to Transformational Wellness is holistic: we integrate Preidlhof’s expertise across all areas of complementary, medical and preventative health.

Eight new programmes developed by our award-winning Spa Director, Patrizia Bortolin, bring guests a new level of experience: Integrated Healing, Transformational Journey, Modern Relaxation, Energy for 2, Ayurveda by Nisha, Three Pillars of Health, Sleep Better and Weightloss for Body & Mind.

The Transformational Wellness retreat programmes also include Special Classes.

Restore total physical and emotional wellbeing. Reconcile your senses with your spirit... Let our therapists guide you on a fascinating and liberating journey.

Transformational Wellness

Philosophy and wellness packages

You & the food

Invigorate your senses and discover the pleasure of food in a new Mindful Eating approach to achieve sustainable and longer-lasting health benefits. Reconnect with nature.

You & the mind

Discover new joy and fresh perspectives through precious sharing, fascinating techniques and sensorial experiences.

You & the body

Harmonising and healing treatments will enhance your natural perceptions to enable you to better interpret and listen to your body. Understand more about your body’s innate intelligence and it’s ability to self-heal.

You & South Tyrol

Embrace the power of the mountains, experience the healing effect of the forest… and connect with our local traditions.

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