Transformational Wellness in the Holistic Healing Hotel

Balancing hedonic & eudaimonic well-being the secret to truly flourishing

Surrounded by nature, in search of an inner peace, we balance zest and serenity: the hedonic side, the lover of beauty and life, with the eudaemonic, an understanding of the deep contentment that comes from a renewed approach to living. All in a blessed location of our holistic healing hotel, emanating the positive power of Mother Earth. 

“Our goal is to promote a lifestyle with a ‘hedonic’ approach to the present, to savour this, while also bringing an ‘eudaimonic’ approach to the past and future, to make them count.”
Patrizia Bortolin, Spa Designer & Wellness Alchemist

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Discover Yourself

On the 46° Parallel Where the Mediterranean Begins

The Art of Eating 
Dine on the signature “Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu” in the Wellness Lounge applying all you have learned in the mindful & sensorial eating classes: a menu to heal through food and to expand awareness through the senses. Discover how it is not only what you eat, but also how, when and why that matters.  A talk with Dr Angerer on the healing foods with sessions by the Psychologist on Mindful Eating.  

Holistic Masters 
The team includes the internationally-renowned Master therapist Stefano recognised by Tatler Spa Guide as one of the ‘5 Best Healers in the World‘; Martin, a specialist in ancient healing methods, Irmgard, the award-winning forest bathing expert and Dr. Med. A. Angerer who specialises in complementary medicine and oversees and integrates all experiences. Psychologists, mindfulness trainers, yoga teachers, transformational coaches, qualified holistic masseurs, and beauty Experts complete the exceptional Wellness team.

Regeneration of Body & Mind
A balance of harmonising and healing treatments will enhance your natural perceptions : learn to welcome and understand the body’s expressions and start seeing the sacred body as the great Master. Discover how to calm the mind and increase inner peace.

Quiet Park Certified Natural Location
Let the power of the mountains come to you.  Experience the healing effect of the forest, connect with local traditions, people, places, and elements that have a high transformational power. Immerse in nature and restore inner balance. Not to be missed: Forest Bathing, full moon rituals, sunrise excursions, wild swimming, and sleeping under the stars on the Suites Loggias or in the Spa Garden.

Darstellung Hedonic Eudamonic