Transformational Wellness: THE PREIDLHOF WAY


Surrounded by nature, in search of an inner peace, we balance zest and serenity: the hedonic side, the lover of beauty and life, with the eudaimonic, an understanding of the deep contentment that comes from a renewed approach to living. All in a blessed location emanating the positive power of Mother Earth.

“Our goal is to promote a lifestyle with a ‘hedonic’ approach to the present, to savour this, while also bringing an ‘eudaimonic’ approach to the past and future, to make them count.” Patrizia Bortolin, Spa Designer & Holistic Coach

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Discover Yourself

On the 46° Parallel Where the Mediterranean Begins

You & the Special Classes
Exclusive to Retreat guests, these classes provide the final magic touch for deeper results.

You & the food
Enjoy the “Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu” in the new Vita Lounge Restaurant applying all you have learned in the mindful & sensorial eating classes: a menu to heal through food and to expand awareness through the senses.

You & the mind
Discover new richness and fresh perspectives through precious sharing, fascinating techniques and sensorial experiences.

You & the body
A balance of harmonising and healing treatments will enhance your natural perceptions. Be better able to understand the body’s expressions and start to see the body as the great Master.

You & South Tyrol
Let the power of the mountains come to you, experience the healing effect of the forest, connect with local traditions, people, places and elements that have a high transformational power. Immerse in nature and restore inner balance: don’t miss Forest Bathing with Ms Irmgard Moosmair.

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