If you want to feel good you have to focus primarily on three factors: healthy diet, exercise and relaxation. Therefore we place the primary importance on providing you these three "things" and we strive to find the right measure for you, your shape and your personality.

Healthy diet Since health also comes from the inside, we offer you the opportunity to choose from several options for dinner: a health menu, a "well-being" menu, a wholegrain menu or a 7-course gourmet menu. Special dietary requirements are easily accommodated and the chefs are happy to help. There is a health buffet in the afternoon from 2 to 5 pm (included in the half board rate). It features light snacks, salads, fresh fruit and drinks. Teas and juices are available in the sauna area and the water world all day. Our female "well-being" instructor is also a certified nutritionist: in a nutrition consultancy session, she will work out your individual nutrition profile and give you some useful advice which you can then also follow at home.

Exercise Our qualified female well-being instructor will help you to do exercises 7 days a week (and all this for free): aqua aerobics, yoga, callanetics, walking with pulse control, chi gong, jogging and much more. Our new cardio-vascular fitness room features the latest cardio-vascular equipment. For healthy outdoor exercise, such as leisurely walks, "vital-walking" or "Nordic walking", we rent Polar heart rate monitors free of charge. The best and healthiest way to obtain the perfect shape is perhaps walking. According to fitness experts, a leisurely walk is more preferable to leisurely jogging if you want to restore your balance. The latest scientific research shows that hikers develop an increased ability to combat stress, increase mental strength and enhance their resistance to illness, which are all vital components of our health. Therefore we offer guided walks 3-4 times a week and we have compiled the special "Walking & well-being" weeks for you.

Relaxation Relaxation is the third point of the magic triangle of health. In our ample health and spa centre you will find a wide array of possibilities to relax and unwind: the "Tropical Garden" water world, the 7 different saunas in our sauna area, our professional "Jungbrünnl" beauty farm, our fabulous park with sunbathing lawn, outdoor swimming pool and pretty flowers all around the place, our marvellous "Rose Terrace" … and all over peace and quiet. We have compiled a fabulous weekly programme for you: "Fit & healthy". Participation is free of charge!

A healthy 90-minute walk immediately increases your energy, balances your body and mind and puts you in touch with nature, rivers, earth, trees and their beneficial effects.

Based on the circadian rhythm, the awakening classes are divided into groups of:

Skylark: a workout aimed at those who feel full of energy in the morning.

Owl: A workout for those who prefer to go through the day gradually. Gentle awakening with meditation and slow exercises to fill up with beneficial and lasting energy.

Intermediate: A workout that includes both types of awakening.

Everything is sound, there is nothing in the universe that is not in vibration. Of all the instruments, it is the gong that makes this primordial principle of sound particularly tangible. The sound journey takes place lying down and leads to a state of deep relaxation.

Yoga workshops and moments of introspection enrich our offering. There are many yoga classes to ensure all guests try their hand at this fascinating practice.

Holistic training is based on the five elements of Chinese medicine. Strength, flexibility and balance are combined. The body forms athletically and feels stronger and more vital.

A concentration meditation to harmonize body and mind and stay in the natural flow.

A low impact water workout strengthens muscles, increases heart rate, improves breathing and circulation.

Healthy, natural movement begins in the feet and toes. ToeGa are specific exercises to restore the ergonomic shape of the foot, improve the mobility, flexibility and strength of the ankles, feet and toes.

Walking can also be a form of meditation. Slow and conscious meditative movements stimulate the breath and flow of energy, calm the mind and reduce stress.

Barefoot is nice, but it's not a must! You are welcome even with shoes.

In a well-trained state, the body is in balance: the abdominal muscles and lower back are strong enough to straighten the pelvis and this greatly relieves the spine.

Dedicated stretching coordinated to breathing to help increase muscle flexibility and joint mobility.

With a mix of stretching, balancing and mobilization exercises, we improve our mobility and counteract muscle disorders.


Active regeneration through the use of a band. The elasticity and performance of the muscles can be intensified by loosening the fascia.

Functional training of the whole body. Dynamic, intense and varied.  Includes strength, endurance and sports movement.

Exercises that strengthen the back muscles and effectively prevent pain in the back and loins.

Exercises to strengthen all the muscles of the torso.

Optimal training in just 30 minutes.

Bodyweight training that provides maximum use of all muscle groups.

Effective yoga and meridian stretches combined with functional physiotherapy stretching exercises.

"In rest lies strength". Simple mental and physical cleansing exercises accompanied by soft piano sounds to find your centre.

Highly effective complete training, inside the Functional Hall, which involves the use of a belt system that uses body weight as resistance in training.

Combine the breath with walking, through various techniques deriving from yoga. Enjoy yourself and nature and let go of the thoughts that enclose your mind.

A concentration meditation to calm the body and mind and regain the natural flow. Also suitable for beginners.

Involves muscle stretching exercises performed free body or with the aid of tools, aimed at toning the muscles without increasing mass and improving the fluidity and control of movements.

Exercises to prevent or relieve neck tension and strengthen shoulder mobility.