Deep Sea at the Wellness Center, Italy

A technological innovation exclusively at Preidlhof

Live something that you have never experienced, abandoned to an experi-ence that fuses abstraction and form, absorb the vibration of sound and the energy of color in a place where the mind has nothing to do, cannot inter-pret and can therefore relax and give space to the creativity.

Deep Sea, an award-winning technological innovation, unique in the world of its kind, is a space unto itself in the heart of the wellness center, Italy. Created in every detail by Daniel Lathan, vi-sionary and original audiologist and creative genius with an incredible back-ground; to create this room he suspended himself in time and space im-mersed in the room for weeks, built sound players, isolated the room, float-ing in it, fused its knowledge in psychology, meditation, creativity, relaxa-tion, design, personal development in one marvel.

Deep Sea Room

Choose the programme that is best for you, all the result of an algorithm, always slightly different. Enter the room, get on the ‘flying carpet’ and travel between mind and matter.

approx. 15 min. € 19,00