Wellness Restaurant, Italy

Nourish Mind, Body and Spirit

Healthy Eating Concept

The Preidlhof Way aims to revitalise the pleasure factor in the eating experience, to train the senses, to promote perception and body awareness, to achieve longer lasting, health benefits. It is not just what we eat, but why we eat, how and where. Do I chew properly?  Are my senses trained to their full potential, to smell, taste, and to describe? Are you aware of the 7 types of hunger?

Guests booked on a retreat enjoy a series of special experience sessions based on mindful eating and sensory analysis.  A lot of practical experience is integrated into the sessions to offer each guest a profound and enchanting experience.

Retreat guests enjoy the Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu at dinner.
This menu was created for Preidlhof by Emanuele Giorgione, the internationally renowned Healing Chef with the support of Dr. Med. Alexander Angerer, Preidlhof’s resident doctor.

Predominantly plant-based and created to appeal to all the senses, the Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu is free of gluten, lactose, egg, soy, and sugar.  Comprising 49 different recipes, the menu changes every evening and comprises seven courses incorporating ingredients according to the season. 

At lunch time, guests on the Lighten Up Retreat, are treated to delicious, highly nutritious and flavoursome soups incorporating a variety of different plants designed by Emanuele Giorgione with the inspiration if Irmgard Moosmair, Forest’s Expert at Preidlhof.

The Wellness VIP Lounge in the Wellness Restaurant is the space reserved  for Retreat at dinner. It provides a calm, white and very private environment in which to enjoy the menu.  Tables and seating are arranged with views over the valley and the background music matches the mindful eating experience.   
At lunchtime, guests can choose to dine outside on the terrace.