The Preidlhof Team

Wellbeing is a team effort

The secret of our qualities lies in the passion and professionalism of a team of doctors and specialists. Our goal is to restore total balance in the mind, body, and spirit through the recovery of vital energy and the rediscovery of a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Under the inspiration and guidance of Patrizia Bortolin, Spa Director, our expert pool is coordinated by Mr Alexander Angerer and includes the work of Stefano Battaglia, renowned internationally Master Therapist specialized in Trauma Touch Skill; Martin Kirchler, researcher in ancient medicines; and Irmgard Mossmair, our Forest Bathing expert.

The Preidlhof Team is available for a free consultation every day from 8.30 am until 7.30 pm and can be contacted on +39 0473 666251.


Originally from South Tyrol, Dr. Med. Alexander Angerer specialises in complementary medicine, complementary psychology, phytotherapy, homeopathy, magnetic field therapy (PAPIMI) and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A meeting with Dr. Werner Fundneider, who treated him when he was 10 years old for a rare form of thrombosis, was highly formative.  The experience of being in good hands led to him wanting to become a doctor. After a humanistic education, he enrolled at the Innsbruck Medical University. During these years he came to understand that orthodox medicine is essentially fact- based, and therefore, it also approaches homeopathy. Today, with a good dose of irony, he claims that he is not a miraculous healer, but that he offers complementary medical treatment in the "Medical Room" of the Preidlhof.

Battaglia is a Master Therapist specialized in psycho-physical disciplines, body treatments and massages, and a trainer, meditation and mindfulness teacher.  He works with the patient's personal history and body language, to investigate and understand the link that unites mind and body.

Originally from Syracuse, at the age of 19 Battaglia met two hermits: one following the Franciscan tradition and the other of Hindu / syncretic inspiration, and they gave him the first tools of meditation and the path in search of an inner truth. At 23, Battaglia moved to Carrara, where he lived the most fruitful moments of his apprenticeship as a therapist. A tireless traveller, he extended his stay in India and the Himalayas when he met a Bengali monk who was to become his guide. Returning to Italy, Battaglia began working in an integrated medicine clinic as a therapist for patients suffering from serious psycho-physical diseases.

Patrizia Bortolin is the award-winning Spa Director, Designer and Project Manager behind the launch of  ‘The Preidlhof Way’.  This new spa concept is inspired by the latest neuroscience research and seeks to balance hedonic and eudaemonic wellbeing. 

In addition to a 360° wellness makeover, Bortolin introduced a serie of new Transformational Wellness retreats, exclusive treatments, a new food philosophy and innovative wellness menu, and a new fitness and beauty concept. 

With 15 years of Spa Leadership experience, Bortolin has worked in spas across Italy, Greece and Switzerland.  She is renowned for instilling a psycho-emotional, experiential journey to the spa holiday, and instilling a more joyous approach to life.   

Bortolin’s qualifications include Spa Management, HR and Leadership, Project Management, Transformative Techniques, Life-Coaching, Beauty and Wellness, Positive Psychology, Psychosomatic Naturopathy,  Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques. She is also a Laughter Yoga Leader and Yoga Nidra Trainer.

An experienced holistic practitioner, Martin Kirchler developed a high sensitivity to food additives with often severe detoxification symptoms as a result of strong antibiotic treatments during his childhood. Physical sensitivity led him first to discover natural food as a source of healing and then, manual therapy. Dao Yin Yoga, yoga and breathing exercises have been his great allies.

Today, Kirchler’s refined sense of touch and his incredible intuition allow him to treat on a very deep level skin, muscles and organs. The treatment involves a continuous oscillation between diagnosis and therapy: for 50 or 80 minutes, the specialist keeps his hands focused on the body to create better conditions for self-healing.

A Nature guide and landscape architect, Irmgard Moosmair takes guests to the most beautiful woods where they can bathe immersed in unspoiled nature, discover new paths and panoramic views.  A keen herbalist, she prepares "tailor-made" herbal blends for guests and offers alpine incense rituals, inviting everyone to question "the narrowness of one's life created by an excessive lifestyle".

Raised on a mountain farm at the bottom of Val Passiria as one of the youngest of eight children, Irmgard has always stood out for her deep thirst for knowledge and her insatiable curiosity. At a young age she worked as the maid of a wealthy Veronese family, and then, as a "bellboy" for various tourist attractions during which, she especially enjoyed interacting with the visitors. After an intense period as a wife and mother, she undertook in-depth study trips in different fields of naturopathy which enabled her to conduct workshops and seminars.

As a yoga teacher, fitness instructor and nutritionist, Martina Huber guides guests to move in the way they feel good individually, instilling them with confidence in their own perception and intuition, or "inner wisdom".  Growing up on a mountain farm in Carinthia, Martina developed a great affinity to nature and early on, this led her to working as a farmer and a restaurateur. Later, she trained as a health and nutrition consultant, discovering in yoga a lifestyle that made her stronger and more self-aware.

Andrea Martinelli, an international shiatsu trainer, intends to bring his extensive repertoire of techniques and experiences gained after ten years in Ecuador to the Preidlhof. The expert has worked as a shiatsu therapist alongside drug addicts, children with Down Syndrome and blind people, achieving incredible results. His offer includes listening, touch and contact in the world of Taoism and traditional Chinese medicine: a philosophy that gives extreme importance to presence, careful movement and breathing, and in which the guest is never passive. 

Our Spa Manager, Patrizia Bortolin, has been awarded with the top 10 HOTELS magazine Award!