Weight Loss

for body & mind

A holistic, result-driven programme for dynamic people in need of rebalancing their energy, reshaping their silhouette and lightening their mind.

Treatments are focused on a natural stimulation of deep energy, and the mind benefits from a series of calming and detoxing experiences. Sport activity is mainly outdoors while the food approach centres around mindful eating and enjoyment with a dedicated menu.


2 precious acupuncture sessions with Dr. Med. A. Angerer and a technological body measurement blended with his experience and passion for prevention.


The Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu, is the daily vegetarian choice for dinner: it’s been designed to provide an enjoyable experience blending Mediterranean Diet with alkaline nutrition while avoiding sugar, gluten, soya, and lactose. The new Vita Lounge Restaurant invites you to eat mindfully applying all the tools shared in the mindful eating classes. During breakfast and lunch, rich and colourful buffets offer a tremendous variety and choice with special emphasis given to vegetarian dishes, fresh food and inviting Italian cuisine.


2 body shaping treatments will naturally help lift the silhouette and stimulate the metabolism. A full and personalised experience of the original Kneipp method will boost vitality, detox and wellbeing like few other experiences can. 2 Silhouette Massages are also included in the Programme. The Special Classes included in the Retreat work on a deeper level to help effect a new lifestyle and make it long-lasting.


No weight loss can be complete without movement and at Preidlhof it all starts with fresh air and outdoor training, for any level of experience: morning hiking, water and forest activities are blended with mindful movement or intense sessions.

Book your retreat, tel. Preidlhof Spa: +39 0473 673626

  • 2x Shaping Mud approx. 100 min.
  • Kneipp Experience approx. 100 min.
  • Medical Check & HRV Measurement with Dr. Med. A. Angerer approx. 50 min.
  • 2x Acupuncture with Dr. Med. A. Angerer approx. 25 min.
  • Deep Sea Relaxation approx. 15 min.
  • 2x Silhouette Massage approx. 50 min.
  • Private Mindful Eating Session approx. 60 min.
  • 6 daily pass for all Special Classes
per person € 1478.00 (accommodation excluded)
A minimum stay of 6 nights is required


Remodelling and intense, a treatment with an immediate effect popular in Medical Spas: helps to lighten the silhouette and eliminate excess water and toxins. Products rich in essential and natural active oils and an enzyme saline scrub are massaged on the body; then a specific bandage is worn before applying the mud that solidifies and allows the actives ingredients to take effect. At the end of treatment, the solidified mud is removed, leaving the body feeling lighter and more refined.


Using the traditional method of Sebastian Kneipp, a German priest famous for giving rise to the treatment based on the alternation of hot and cold water designed to reactivate our natural energy. The therapist chooses techniques including brushing, washing, body wrap and massage, depending on whether you want to relax or energise the body and mind. Brushing of the body to warm and reactivate circulation and smooth the skin, is followed by a quick application of a small cold stimulus, then a short massage and partial wrapping with the famous “Wickel“ while the therapist guides on feeling body sensation. Comforting, cocooning and inspiring, this can be recreated at home.


Heart rate variability (HRV) describes the dynamic rhythm of your heart and makes your body’s energy efficiency measurable. The ability to regulate the heart, or its ability to regulate the functions of the body, is fundamental to our well-being. In addition to assessing the body’s stamina in stressful situations, HRV measurement also enables you to battle manage the process and evaluate the effectiveness of an existing therapy. Raising awareness of your body and its state of health helps you on the road to a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


Divided into acupuncture of the body and skull, the main purpose is the stimulation and strengthening of vitality (energy balance) and the harmonisation of breathing, digestion, immune defences, sleep and psyche.


Sound and colour, the two new frontiers of wellness combine in this masterpiece of technology and creativity to relax and inspire body and mind. Created by a visionary audiologist, you are enveloped in the light of 12,500 LEDs immersed in the sounds and colours as you journey in the mind through the universe or the sea. Instils a deep state of relaxation.


Classic and intense stimulating massage focussing on body parts where circulation needs to be boosted. A reactivating technique is combined with a specific product according to individual needs.


A deep self-discovery experience to increase awareness through food by means of mindful eating, sensorial experience and mindfulness.

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